Fortnite Content Patch And New Grenade Coming Soon [Update]

The Shockwave Grenade is on the way.


A new update is on the way for Fortnite. Epic has announced it is rolling out the 5.30 content update across all platforms--PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile--tomorrow, August 28, and it looks like it'll introduce another new item to the battle royale game. [Update: The new patch is now available, introducing another grenade as expected, among other things.]

The update is scheduled to go live at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET / 1 PM BST. Unlike most other updates Epic deploys for Fortnite, the developer says this one won't require any downtime, so you'll be able to continue playing Battle Royale without any interruptions.

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In addition to the 5.30 content update, Epic has confirmed it will release a client update to "improve stability." That patch is scheduled to roll out for most platforms tonight, August 27, at 10 PM PT (1 AM ET / 6 AM BST on August 28). In a follow-up tweet, Epic confirmed the Switch update "will come a little later" as the developer will also implement matchmaking improvements for the console with that patch.

Epic hasn't formally announced what new item will arrive as part of the 5.30 content update, but the in-game News feed lists the Shockwave Grenade as "coming soon" to the game. "Send yourself, allies, or enemies flying like a human cannonball!" the accompanying description reads. The description also suggests that Shockwave Grenades will make you immune to fall damage.

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Beyond teasing a new item, the News feed confirms this is your last opportunity to take part in Fortnite's most recent limited-time mode, Score Royale. Unlike a typical game of Battle Royale, the object of Score Royale isn't to be the last player or team remaining, but to be the first to reach the designated high score. During each round, you'll rack up points by eliminating other players, opening chests and other loot containers, and collecting coins scattered around the island.

Fortnite's 5.30 patch arrived a little later than usual last week, rolling out on Thursday, August 23. Along with the aforementioned Score Royale mode, it introduced the Rift-to-Go to the game. This new item acts like a portable rift; activating it will warp you--and other players who follow you into the portal-- into the air, allowing you to skydive back down to the island.

More notably, the 5.30 update was followed by some unusual changes to the map. First, the Tomato Town restaurant was replaced by an ancient pyramid called Tomato Temple. Lightning also began striking the ground during matches. This phenomena occurred more and more frequently until a large, purple bolt struck the desert and left a mysterious cube in its wake. It remains unclear just what purpose the cube serves, but players have reported it has begun moving around the island.

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