Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 NPC Locations - All 16 Characters And What They Sell

Fortnite NPCs are back for another season, including more specialists who can be hired and offer some amazing perks.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 brings back NPCs, which you could've guessed since they've now been in the game consistently for more than two years. Each season of new Fortnite characters to meet and greet means new dialogue lines, new items or services to buy from them, and debuts of recently revealed characters. This season is no different, with a sweet group of 16 Fortnite NPCs to meet. Here's every character's location plus what goods or services they can offer you to help claim your next Victory Royale.

All NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

There are currently 16 characters to find on the island. Below you'll see where they are on the map, what they sell, and whether you can hire them.

All 16 Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 4 Season 3.
All 16 Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 4 Season 3.
NumberNPCLocationItems for saleCan you hire them?
1FennixEast of The CitadelCombat SMG, FirefliesNo
2VolpezSouthwest of Brutal BastionDisguise, SMGNo
3Innovator SloneSoutheast of Rumble RuinsFlapjack Rifle, GrenadesNo
4AuraSoutheast of Slone's locationThermal DMR, Holo-Chest KeysNo
5NiaSteamy SpringsHeavy Sniper, Tactical PistolNo
6Guardian AmaraBrutal BastionKinetic Boomerang, Small Shield PotionsNo
7TraceEast of Rumble RuinsThermal DMR, Tactical PistolNo
8PeelyShady StiltsShadow Tracker, BananasNo
9Purradise MeowsclesWest of Creeky CompoundHavoc Pump Shotgun, Shield PotionsNo
10RemedyFrenzy FieldsMed-MistYes (Medic Specialist)
11Triage TrooperSlappy ShoresMed KitYes (Medic Specialist)
12KitbashBreakwater BayMaven Auto ShotgunYes (Heavy Specialist)
13BeastmodeNorth of Mega CityDrum ShotgunYes (Heavy Specialist)
14InsightRumble RuinsStorm Circle IntelYes (Scout Specialist)
15LongshotWest of The CitadelStorm Circle IntelYes (Scout Specialist)
16Munitions ExpertNorth of Kenjutsu CrossingWeapon upgradesYes (Supply Specialist)

As more NPCs arrive, we'll be sure to update our guide as well. For a lot more on Fortnite's wild new update, don't miss the new weapons, map changes, vault locations, and a lot more in our Chapter 4 Season 3 hub.

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