Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Launches With Over 500K XP To Earn From Quests

This new season launches with a set of new quests to help you get the XP flowing.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is live, and the season starts a brand-new line of weekly and story-based quests. As you jump into this new season, you'll be given a selection of Snapshots, Weekly, and Trials quests to help you score some additional XP in your matches. There are also Transformer-themed quests to complete. While more will be added with the weeks to come, here are all the quests currently available.

Transformers - More than meets the eye

Transformers Part 1 - 150k XP total

  • Acquire a Cybertron Cannon in different matches 0/3 (30k XP)
  • Collect the first Transformer token 0/13 Stage 1 of 13 (30k XP)
  • Damage opponents with the Kinetic Boomerang 0/500 (30k XP)
  • Emote after destroying a gas can or pump 0/1 (30k XP)
  • Travel distance in vehicles or while mounted 0/1000 Stage 1 of 3 (30k XP)

Transformers Part 2

These quests will unlock one week from Season 3's launch.

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Snapshots Quests - Discover adventures on the island

For the story-invested players, these narrated quests will clue you in what new chaos has been brought to the island this season. There's never a dull moment in Reality Zero.

Aura's quests - 240k XP currently available

  • Stage 1 of 2 - Steal field notes about the mysterious chalice. 0/5 (30k XP)
  • Stage 2 of 2 - Report to Aura to help find the the Chalice of Cubetastrophe 0/1 (30k XP)
  • Stage 1 of 4 - Investigate Petroglyph at Rumble Ruins to help locate Chalice 0/1 (30k XP)
  • Stage 1 of 2 - Bring the Petroglyph sketches to Aura 0/1 (30k XP)
  • Stage 2 of 2 - Locate the Chalice using Sura's map 0/1 (30k XP)
  • Stage 1 of 3 - Make an Offer of 100 gold bars to reveal the hidden chalice 0/1 (30k XP)
  • Stage 2 of 3 - Collect the Chalice 0/1 (30k XP)
  • Stage 3 of 3 - Return the Chalice of Cubetastrophe to Aura 0/1 (30k XP)

These story quests will need to be completed in the order they're shown, as they follow a narrative and wouldn't make sense otherwise--though the Fortnite storyline is pretty confusing anyway, isn't it?. More Snapshots quests will be unlocked at a later date, continuing Season 3: Wilds' ongoing narrative.

Weekly quests and Trials

Week 1 quests

  • Stage 1 of 2 - Travel distance while grinding. 0/500 (20k XP)
  • Stage 1 of 2 - Damage opponents with the Flapjack Rifle or SMGs. 0/2,000 (30k XP)
  • Stage 1 of 2 - Eliminate players at named locations. 0/7 (40k XP)

Completing all of these quests will give you a great head start at leveling up the new battle pass. For more on Season 3, make sure to check out all the new map changes and features, and here we break down all the weapons and loot available.

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