Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 - How To Use Job Boards To Earn Gold

Bounty boards have been replaced with job boards in Season 3, and here's what you need to know.


A new season has arrived in Fortnite. Chapter 4 Season 3: Wilds brings a new biome and a Transformers crossover, letting you fight through the jungle as Optimus Prime. Additionally the update replaces Fortnite's bounty boards with the all-new job board, and here's what you need to know about the change.

How job boards work

Bounty boards, which were removed from the game back in May, previously let you accept a bounty on another randomly selected player, and eliminating the target within a time limit would reward you with gold. In Season 3: Wilds, bounty boards are replaced with job boards to give you more choices in how you earn your gold.

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Interacting with a job board will give you a choice of three jobs, one of which is still the normal bounty option.

Job board tasks:

  • Visit locations (this match only) - Rewards 100 gold
  • Search chests (this match only) - Rewards 100 gold
  • Eliminate enemy player (this match only) - Rewards 100 gold

Selecting the bounty job will give you a six-minute timer and no additional objective. Visiting locations or searching chests are jobs that give you a six-minute timer to complete the job, and you'll also be offered a random bonus task that can be completed for additional gold. Note: The optional task will disappear if you finish your active job.

Season 3 job board
Season 3 job board

Optional tasks include:

  • Score 100,000 trick points in one trick - Rewards 50 extra gold
  • Search at different named locations - Rewards 50 extra gold
  • Search a rare chest 0/1 - Rewards 50 extra gold

Basically, you still get rewarded with gold for completing selected jobs at job boards, but now you'll have the choice of what kind of task you want to accept. You can pick up a new job once you've completed the first one.

Where to find job boards

Job boards can be found in most named POIs on the island. These are marked on the minimap as magnifying glass icons. The job board at Breakwater Bay is usually pretty popular, while you might have a quieter time visiting the board at Knotty Nets.

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