Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: All New And Returning Augments

Augments are still an important part of this new season.


Augments are a relatively new addition to Fortnite, but Epic is consistently ensuring that this exciting new mechanic stays fresh by adding new helpful boons frequently. With Chapter 4 Season 3, there are more Augments than ever before, and some of them even take fantastic advantage of this season's unique mechanics. Here's a full list of all new and returning Augments so that you can plan out what you want to roll each time you drop in.

All new and returning Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Epic is certain to add (or potentially remove) Augments throughout the season. For now, though, here are your options.

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AugmentDescriptionNew To Season 3?
Primal CompanionGain thermal vision and regenerate health while riding animals.Yes
Wildwasp WeaponryReceive some Wildwasp Jars, and gain an additional one with every elimination.Yes
Sprint LinesGain a Slap effect upon using grind vines, grind rails, ziplines, or Ascenders.Yes
Swift Shotgun ReloadYour shotguns reload faster.Yes
Shell SlideGain shotgun shells while sliding.Yes
Scoped SalvoIncreases the damage of scoped weapons but lowers their fire rate.Yes
Reckless Rifle ReloadYour assault rifles will reload significantly faster when the mag is empty.Yes
Medium Ammo AcquiredInstantly gain medium ammo, then gain more when you open containers.Yes
Traversal WarriorYou regenerate health and partial shields while on grind rails, grind vines, ziplines, and Ascenders.No
Aquatic WarriorMove faster and regenerate health and partial shield while swimming.No
Light FingersWeapons using light ammo reload faster.No
BloodhoundEnemies hit by your marksman rifle shots are marked for a brief duration.No
Steady HandsMarksman Rifles have reduced recoil.No
SMG Sign OffThe last three bullets of your SMG magazine will deal bonus damage.No
Exotic Grab BagReceive a random heisted Exotic weapon.No
Soaring SprintsJump much higher and with lower gravity while sprinting.No
Mythic MunitionGrants a Mythic Tactical Pistol.No
KeymasterGrants two keys for opening holo-chests.No
Shotgun StrikerShotguns give siphon on hits against players.No
First AssaultThe first bullet in the magazine of your assault rifle deals bonus damage.No
Desperate ReloadPistols reload faster with an empty clip.No
Rarity CheckYou gain siphon on eliminations with Common or Uncommon weapons.No

For more on Chapter 4 Season 3, check out all of the Exotic and Mythic weapons you can find on the map right now.

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