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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Map Changes: New Biome, Rogue Bikes, And More

There's a brand-new city to visit. Here's everything new you'll see as you explore all the Mega changes to the island in Season 2.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived, and this new season brings plenty of fresh Fortnite map changes. This season's theme is Mega, bringing the arrival of the brand-new futuristic "Mega" biome with new points of interest, such as Mega City and Steamy Springs. Here we'll provide a full tour of the Season 2 map, and highlight the new transportation for cruising around with your squad.

Fortnite map changes - Chapter 4 Season 2

The island's northern and western biomes will keep a lot of familiar territory, and the most noticeable changes for Season 2 exist in the new Mega biome. The island's landscape has expanded a bit on the southeastern region of the map, and traveling from the lush farms of Frenzy Fields will now quickly put you in one of the map's four? new main points of interest.

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New Main POIs

Season 1's Faulty Splits has been removed from the map, but four new main POIs are introduced within the new biome for Season 2. Collectively this Mega biome seems to expand the map's overall size, which is a nice detail for players who didn't appreciate the map shrinking a bit last season.

Mega City is the island's sprawling new Cyberpunk-styled city. This main location is found directly east of Frenzy Fields. Mega City isn't quite Twilted Towers, but this gives a colorful new metropolis for you to wreak some havoc.

Found just southeast of Frenzy Fields is the new Steamy Springs point of interest. Escape the neon glow of the Mega City, and check out all the beautiful cherry blossom trees in this serene Japanese-styled landscape. There are also geysers you can use to move around the map faster.

Moving further southeast from Steam Springs is the new Kenjutsu Crossing location. This new area offers temples and other decor that pairs nicely with the Japanese themes of Steamy Springs.

Knotty Nets is a new main point of interest near the eastern coast of the map. This is a fishing village, so this is a great place to loot and grab a fishing pole.

Rifting POI

Make sure to look up in the sky, Season 2 brings back the floating island version of Loot Lake's iconic cabin. The island will rift onto the map at random, so you never know where it might show up. There are ziplines there to help you reach this location, and there is plenty of loot to scavenge.

Rifting POI in Chapter 4 Season 2
Rifting POI in Chapter 4 Season 2

New ways to traverse the map

There's a whole futuristic Cyberpunk-style theme this season, and as to be expected, there are funky new ways to move around the map.

Rogue bike

You'll likely want to drop in and grab some new wheels to explore the island changes. The all-new Victory Crown Rogue, which is dubbed the "Rogue Bike," is a two-seater, futuristic street bike. This vehicle boasts high acceleration, sharp turning, and features an optional boost to help you get to your destination even faster.

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Nitro Drifter

If you're playing in squads and want to cruise the map with your friends, the Nitro Drifter is Season 2's new four-seater car. This gives you room for everyone, and the driver can enjoy some drifting action by using the handbrake around corners.

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Grind rails

Grinding is a new movement mechanic found in Mega City, which lets you hop on and grind rails around the city, and the vibe here is similar to the fun movement mechanics of Sunset Overdrive.

Note: The motorboat vehicle, Chonkers Off-Road Tires vehicle mod, and Cow Catcher vehicle mod are all vaulted. The mountable wildlife (boars and wolves) have also been vaulted.

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