Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 - Fish Locations And How To Catch Them

Every fish in Fortnite Season 2 needs to be caught at a specific place and with a certain rod.


Fishing in Fortnite has remained a big part of the battle royale game ever since it was introduced with the launch of Chapter 2. Players have a fishing collection, which documents and tracks all of the fish players have managed to catch in Fortnite. Once players have caught a fish, it will register in their collection and even explain where it can be caught on the map. A top weight will also be assigned to each fish, which gives a rating of one, two, or three stars. Players who want to fully complete their collection will start out not knowing how to catch many of the available fish in Fortnite. In the fishing collection, players will see some blacked-out boxes. To fill in these boxes, players need to find and catch the specific fish that goes there.

For players who want to try and earn three stars on every fish or simply see their fishing collection filled out, they'll need to know where to find every available fish in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. The list below will show players exactly this, along with what rod they need to use to reel in the scaly creatures.

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Every Fish in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

In total, there are 28 available fish to catch in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. This is the number as of April 18, 2022 but players should keep in mind that Epic Games are always adding new fish to the game. It's likely that by the time Season 2 is over, there will be more than 28 fish in Fortnite.

For now, though, we are going to go over where to find all 28 fish currently available on the map.

  1. Orange, Green, Blue Flopper: The group of Floppers are the most common fish in Fortnite and can be found in any fishing hole on the map with any kind of rod.
  2. Black and Blue Shield Fish: The most common type of Shield Fish, the Black and Blue version is caught anywhere on the map with any type of rod.
  3. Black Striped Shield Fish: Only found in coastal areas of Fortnite, which means any fishing spot located along the edge of the map. A popular coastal area to catch fish is just east of Sanctuary. The Black Striped Shield Fish is caught with any rod.
  4. Pink Shield Fish: The Pink Shield Fish can be caught anywhere on the map but requires a Pro Fishing Rod to reel in.
  5. Green Shield Fish: To match the color of the Green Shield Fish, it can only be caught in forest areas of Fortnite. This basically means any area with dense tree cover and a fishing hole. While there aren't many forest areas on the Chapter 2 map, there are some great fishing spots below the trees at The Joneses. Players can use any kind of rod to reel in this fish.
  6. Light Blue Shield Fish: Rounding out the Shield Fish is the Light Blue version, which can be caught anywhere on the map with any rod.
  7. Blue Slurpfish: The Blue Slurpfish is the easiest Slurpfish to catch, as it's available anywhere on the map using whatever rod players have in their inventory.
  8. Yellow Slurpfish: The next Slurpfish is only catchable in swampy areas of Fortnite. Luckily, players can use any rod they have.
  9. Purple Slurpfish: The Purple Slurpfish is caught in mountainous areas of Fortnite. There are several fishing holes in the mountains near Misty Meadows, Retail Row, and Lazy Lake. Once again, no special rod is required.
  10. Black and Blue Slurpfish: Not to be confused with the Shield Fish, this Slurpfish can only be caught in coastal areas at nighttime. Players can visit Sanctuary once again, so long as it's at night. Any rod will do to catch this Slurpfish.
  11. White Slurpfish: The elusive White Slurpfish requires a Pro Fishing Rod to catch. It's also only available in swamp areas at nighttime. .
  12. Light Blue, Tan, Purple Top Small Fry: These three Small Fry fish can be caught anywhere on the Fortnite map. However, they can also be caught outside of fishing holes. This means players need to take any kind of rod and use it in a body of water that's not bubbling.
  13. Black Small Fry: The next version of the Small Fry can also be caught anywhere on the map but only at nighttime. Players can use any rod for this job.
  14. Blue Small Fry: The Blue Small Fry is another coastal area-only fish. Sweaty Sands, Sanctuary, and any other beach are where players will have to take their standard or Pro fishing rod.
  15. Slurp Jellyfish: The first of the Jellyfish is the easiest to catch, available anywhere on the map using whatever rod players can find.
  16. Dark Vanguard Jellyfish: One of the rarest fish in all of Fortnite is the Dark Vanguard Jellyfish. This colorful creature can be caught anywhere using any rod but only at nighttime.
  17. Cuddle Jellyfish: The most adorably named fish in Fortnite is found in the darkest depths of swampy areas. Any rod will do to catch the Cuddle Jellyfish.
  18. Peely Jellyfish: The Peely Jellyfish requires the use of a Pro Fishing Rod and can only be caught in mountainous areas of Fortnite.
  19. Purple Jellyfish: The last of the Jellyfish is the Purple version, which is only found in coastal areas but players don't have to use a Pro Fishing Rod this time around.
  20. Purple and Orange Thermal Fish: The Purple and Orange version can be caught anywhere on the map but it has an increased population around The Joneses POI. A rod of any kind will do.
  21. Raven Thermal Fish: This type of Thermal Fish needs a Pro Fishing Rod to catch. Moreover, players have to visit a coastal area in order to reel it in.
  22. Green Thermal Fish: The Green Thermal Fish has a designated location on the map, being in the south ponds of The Joneses POI. Players can bring any rod with them to this location.
  23. Red and Green Thermal Fish: Just like the Green Thermal Fish, the Red and Green version is also found in ponds south of The Joneses with a normal rod.
  24. Silver Thermal Fish: The last fish available in Fortnite, the Silver Thermal Fish needs a Pro Fishing Rod to catch. Players can look in desert areas to catch this type of Thermal Fish.

That's every fish currently available in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. Most of the fish don't require a Pro Fishing Rod or a specific location but those that do can be tricky to catch. If players are struggling to catch a certain fish, there's not much they can do besides look at the list above, go to the right location with the right rod, and keep trying.

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