Fortnite Championship All-Star Showdown Features $3 Million In Prizes

Plus skills competitions on player-created maps for the first time ever.


The Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) is coming back this month with brand-new ways to compete. Included in the new FNCS All-Star Showdown is the addition of player-created Creative maps for the first time ever in the Fortnite competitive arena, plus $3 million in winnings. Here's all you need to know about the FNCS All-Star Showdown.

FNCS Hype Days

The FNCS All-Star Showdown kicks off this weekend, on June 11, and stretches nearly to the end of the month with a slew of festivities and competitions to watch--or for some, to play. Hype Days act as the opening ceremonies for the weeks-long event and will feature some of Fortnite's most popular creators hosting their own challenges and tournaments for the community at large. Hype Days run through June 13.

Solo All-Star Play-in

Beginning on June 18, players who want to compete in the FNCS can take part in the Solo All-Star Play-In round. All players in the Champion League will have a chance to earn a spot in the final tournament, with four rounds of play unfolding over the course of the weekend of the 18th, eventually seeing 100 players from each region move on to the All-Star Solo Championship, joining a roster of the best Fortnite players in the world who have previously qualified for the esports tournament.

Skills Challenges

You've heard of punt, pass, and kick. How about build, edit, and shoot?
You've heard of punt, pass, and kick. How about build, edit, and shoot?

Before the final championship rounds are played, the Fortnite community will come together for what you might call its version of a Home Run Derby. A skills competition featuring some of the community's best builders, most precise shooters, and fastest editors will keep fans engaged between June 23 and 24. Each of the bracket-style tournaments will feature community-built Creative maps for the first time ever in Fortnite Competitive modes, with maps custom-built for the FNCS by players ImmatureGamer, Enigma, and Dummblond.

Play For Keeps

On June 25, after the conclusion of the Skills Challenges, Epic will inadvertently taunt some players with the no-build mode they've been asking for, but it will be limited to the FNCS Play For Keeps event. Teams of three will compete to safeguard a llama to earn points and send the competition alpacking (sorry).

The Skills Competitions and Play For Keeps Creative maps can also be played by anyone in a community while they're live using the following Creative codes:

  • June 23 -- Blueprint Battle: 3840-8537-4348 / Bullseye Bonanza: 9420-6335-1309
  • June 24 -- High Tier: 3947-8128-3885
  • June 25 -- Play for Keeps: 5892-6942-6261

While the above brackets offer cash prizes to a limited pool of players, anyone can jump into the All-Star Trickshot map (Creative Code: 5332-3250-5319) to wow their friends and followers with their own dazzling trickshots.

FNCS All-Star Solo Championship

The FNCS finale will air on June 26.
The FNCS finale will air on June 26.

On June 26, the grand finale of the two-week event, the FNCS All-Star Solo Championship will be streamed live on Twitch for the entire Fortnite universe. Featuring six rounds of play, the format will mostly follow that of previous Solo Cups, with one new twist: The player with the most eliminations at the end of each match will receive an additional bonus prize varying between $113-$1,020 depending on the region.

At the end of the sixth and final match, the player with the most points will be crowned FNCS All-Star Solo champion and take home their share of the prize pool. if you're new to FNCS, check the official website for a full scoring breakdown and rules.

Of course, Fortnite competitive play isn't for everyone. Some of us just want to find Alien Artifacts, learn the Season 7 map changes, or chase the Week 1 challenges, and that's fine too. Who needs $3 million anyway?

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