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Fortnite Challenge List: Visit Pirate Camps, Damage From Ziplines, And More (Season 8, Week 7)

Time for a trip to the pirate camps.


It's that time of the week again: Fortnite is now in Season 8, Week 7, which means there's a fresh set of challenges in its wildly popular battle royale. You know the drill: complete the challenges, earn Battle Stars, level up the Battle Pass, and then watch the cosmetic unlocks roll in.

Week 7's challenges shouldn't give you too much trouble at all as they're all pretty easy and, for the most part, can be completed in natural play. In the free section, which is available to all players, there are three challenges. These involve dealing damage with a pickaxe, visiting two locations in a single match, and also heading to three Pirate Camps.

For those that have spent V-Bucks on a premium Battle Pass, you'll need to do damage to players from above, search chests in Loot Lake or Snobby Shores, take out enemies in five different named locations, and deal damage to enemies while riding a zipline. That last challenge is a multi-part one, so you'll have another stage open up when it is completed.

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Fortnite Season 8, Week 7 Challenges


  • Visit Pirate Camps in a single match (3) -- 10 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1 of 3: Visit Junk Junction and The Block in a single match (2) -- 1 Battle Star
  • Damage opposing players with the Pickaxe (100) -- 5 Battle Stars

Battle Pass

  • Get eliminations in different named locations (5) -- 10 Battle Stars
  • Search chests at Loot Lake or Snobby Shores (7) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Deal damage to players from above (500) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1 of 2 - Deal damage to opposing players while riding a zipline (1) -- 5 Battle Stars

Damage While Riding Ziplines

The ziplines are fairly plentiful on the island, so the difficulty here really is actually getting on one and then landing shots. Expect lots of players to gather around ziplines and, as we all know, they're not going to just line up and let everyone take their turn. Prepare to defend yourself while trying to get on the zipline. If you manage to get on a zipline, try and use a weapon that spits out bullets fast, as that'll give you the best chance of hitting another player.

Damage From Above

Easy peasy: Get to stockpiling resources. Once you've got loads of material, start building and go high to give yourself a nice vantage point. When you're elevated, just start taking shots at anyone around. If you're feeling particularly spicy, you can aim to do this in the heavily populated areas or even around ziplines to catch players trying to complete the other challenge.

Damage Using Pickaxe

This one is familiar, as Epic likes to throw this challenge in fairly regularly. As a result, you've probably got a working strategy at this point. Our one is to group up with other players and wait for ambush opportunities. Now that respawning is a bigger deal in Fortnite, you may get lucky and stumble upon downed enemies or someone so focused on rescuing teammates that they don't see you coming with your Pickaxe.

Visit Pirate Camps

Epic loves this challenge. It was used in a previous week and is also part of the current Buccaneer's Bounty event. The upside of re-using old challenges is that we've already got a detailed breakdown of how to complete it, including specific locations of the Pirate Camps.

As previously mentioned, a recent Fortnite update has borrowed yet another mechanic from battle royale rival Apex Legends: respawns. You can see how Fortnite and Apex Legends' respawn systems compare here.

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