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Fortnite: Catch Fish At Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, Or Stealthy Stronghold Locations

This week's challenges involve catching five fish across three locations.


Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 challenges are live now, and one of them requires you to put down your guns and go fishing for a while. You'll need to collect five fish across Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealthy Stronghold. As two of those places aren't written on the map, you might be stuck. Here's where you can find all three fishing locations for this week's Fortnite quest.

Catch Fish At Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, Or Stealthy Stronghold

Camp Cod is at the southeastern corner of the map, south of the snowy weather station. You can find fishing poles on the docks on the far right of the landmark.

Lake Canoe is the lake southwest of Dirty Docks. You'll find many fishing poles there in addition to, appropriately, lots of canoes.

Stealthy Stronghold is easiest, as it's already named on the map up in the northwestern region of the island. Like Lake Canoe, there are ample fishing poles all over this enclosed jungle region.

To fish, simply cast your fishing pole into the water. It's usually quickest and most fruitful to do so at the rippling spots in the water, as these indicate a higher likelihood of loot being caught.

If you happen to pull out something other than a fish, simply re-cast your pole until you've nabbed five fish in total. It wouldn't be so tough to find all five at one location assuming you're not being hunted by other players or chased away by the Storm.

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