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Meow that's a lot of XP!


In the final Legendary Quest for Fortnite Season 7 Week 3, you'll need to collect cat food. Where is the cat food? And a better question... why? To be honest, we have no clue to the story ramifications of this just yet, but in any event, completing the challenge will give you another 30,000 XP and get you one step closer to tier 100, or even tier 200+ for the most coveted of Battle Pass rewards this season. Here are the cat foot locations you'll need to complete this quest. Just don't eat it yourself, because you're not a cat.

Fortnite Cat Food In Dirty Docks

There are four total cat food items you'll be able to find this week, but like a lot of quests, you only need to find some of them to earn the challenge XP. Two cat food trays are found in Dirty Docks. If your drop is friendlier to that spot, here's where you can find them when you get to this shipping yard.

  • Right beside the UFO parked among the shipping containers
  • At the far west end of the same shipping container area

If you're able to grab these two in one attempt--and admittedly they're almost side by side-- you'll already complete the final Legendary Quest for Fortnite Season 7 Week 3. If the IO or other players spoil your gains, on the other hand, you may instead want to finish off this quest at Retail Row.

Dirty Docks cat food locations
Dirty Docks cat food locations

Fortnite Cat Food In Retail Row

Like Dirty Docks, Retail Row is home to two cat food quest items that happen to be conveniently near one another. I have to admit, it makes a lot more sense to find cat food in a grocery store than at a shipping yard--and next to a UFO, no less. Fortnite is weird. If this is your preferred drop for this challenge, here's where to look.

  • Outside the back entrance to the grocery store in the north of town
  • Along the first floor north wall inside the same grocery store
Retail Row cat food locations
Retail Row cat food locations

Whether you find the cat food at a more conventional locale like the grocery store in Retail Row or you find yourself thinking outside the shipping container at Dirty Docks, collecting two cat food objects will complete your Week 3 Legendary Quests. That still leaves more to do with Thursday's full slate of Week 3 challenges, however. Epic has pledged to split up the purple and orange Fortnite quests by a day this season, with the former coming on Thursdays and the latter coming a day earlier in Season 7.

These Legendary Quests have also been more story-focused this season, and such a move has overall been enjoyable to see unfold. Epic is apparently keen on putting its story and "loopers" at the forefront for this season's alien invasion arc. Of course, for plenty of people, they'll still never care to follow the story over simple pleasures like the Week 3 Alien Artifacts or the 17.10 patch notes.

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