Fortnite Candy: Where To Find Zero Point Pretzels And More In Fortnitemares

Tricks and treats are back for another spooky season in Fortnite.


Fortnite is back into costume with Fortnitemares 2022, and that means candy can be found all around the map like it is every year. You'll want to locate Fortnite candy for a number of reasons--most often to simply enjoy their buffs to speed, jumping, and more--but also some Fortnitemares quests will demand you find candy at times, too. This year, one such quest asks you to apply the Zero Point Pretzel effect to yourself three times. Here's how to do that easily, as well as where to find candy generally.

Fortnite Zero Point Pretzel effect

Zero Point Pretzels act just like Zero Point fish by giving you a few seconds of a dash technique, making you harder to hit when under fire, while adding a bit of speed to your looper, too. Simply eating a pretzel will give you this ability for about 30 seconds, but they don't stack, so if you're trying to complete the challenge to apply the effect three times, you should wait for each effect to wear off before applying it again.

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The easiest way to find Zero Point Pretzels specifically is to buy them from Chrome Punk, a new pumpkin-headed NPC who showed up alongside the Fortnitemares update. We've got all NPCs mapped and listed in our NPC locations guide for your convenience. You can find Chrome Punk at the Flutter Barn near the center of the map. He sells Zero Point Pretzels, so bring some gold and you'll be all set.

If someone beats you to it and buys out his supply, you'll need to find candy buckets instead. For that, keep on reading.

Fortnite candy locations

Fortnite candy is typically found outside residences all over the island every October. However, the current map has surprisingly few residential settings, making the candy buckets seem a bit rarer this season. Still, there are a few reliable places we've been using to collect candy when we need it.

The best spot is at Willow's cabin in the west coast of the map. Just be ready for a boss fight--Willow prefers tricks over treats, apparently. If your Battle Bus trajectory isn't conducive to heading there, you can also reliably find a few buckets of candy inside The Joneses, specifically along the elevated rope bridge in the western side of the location. For a spot more centered, try the lonesome blue house just west of Herald's Sanctum.

There are plenty of houses inside Greasy Grove, the only major residential drop this season, and you'll find candy there sporadically, but not as much as you might expect based on past Fortnitemares events, and it seems to move with each round. For reliability, we like heading to Willow's house best of all.

Candy types and their uses

There are several types of candy in Fortnite, and each one provides a different benefit. There's not one candy you can eat that applies a harmful effect, though some are better or worse depending on your situation and playstyle. Here's a list of all Fortnite candies and what they do on a per-item basis.

Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!
  • Candy Corn - Gives 1 health per second up to 10 health
  • Jelly Bean - Instantly gives 10 total HP across health (priority) and shields
  • Zero Point Pretzel - Gives temporary "Zero Point" dash effect
  • Hop Drop - Gives temporary low-gravity jumping ability, negating fall damage
  • Pepper Mint - Grants temporary speed boost
  • Thermal Taffy - Gives temporary thermal vision

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