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Fortnite Candy: Where To Find Candy For Fortnitemares

It's time to trick-or-treat for real in Fortnite.


Fortnite players were already trying to trick-or-treat before the Fortnitemares event, andnow they can actually do it in-game by collecting and eating candy. The special Fortnitemares event spread candy all over the map and asked players to simply eat candy. This guide will show you the best places to find candy and complete the challenge. Halloween is here, so you can eat real candy while you eat virtual candy. Just go easy on the real stuff.

Where Is The Fortnitemares Candy?

Candy is spread all over the map, with no specific locations like the birthday cakes during Fortnite's third birthday. Instead, candy is in little trick-or-treating bowls outside houses in locations like Holly Hedges, Salty Springs, Retail Row, Lazy Lake, and others. They can be hard to see, but here's an example.

Fortnite Candy Location
Fortnite Candy Location

All you need to do is find a bowl, smash it with your pickaxe to break it open, and eat all the candy that comes out. You'll need to eat 25 pieces before the event ends in order to earn the challenge.

Fortnite Candy Bowl
Fortnite Candy Bowl

Candy is a foraged item, similar to coconuts, mushrooms, and other items you find on the forest floor. You'll gain a bit of additional experience just for eating a piece. Some candy will give you special abilities, like higher jump or faster move speed, and others will restore your health and shield. Four players are recommended challenge, but you should be able to finish it on your own in a few games.

What Do I Get For Eating Candy?

Midas Shadow Weapon Wrap
Midas Shadow Weapon Wrap

You'll get the new Midas Shadow weapon wrap once you eat 25 pieces of candy. It's one of the coolest prizes we've seen so far this season. Check out our other guides to the Fortnitemares event, including how to become a shadow.

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