Fortnite Bytes Quests: How To Tune The TV, Find Chromed Vehicles, And More

Grab some new alt styles for The Nothing's Gift pickaxe.


Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 4's battle pass sports an exclusive pickaxe that can only be used by the unlockable character Bytes. However, even if you can only use the pickaxe with one character, battle pass owners can at least score some extra alt styles for it starting this week via brand new Byte's Quests. In this guide, we'll tell you how to unlock Byte's Quests, how to complete them, and what you'll earn for doing so.

How to unlock Byte's Quests

To unlock Byte's Quests, you'll first need to have unlocked The Nothing's Gift pickaxe on the second page of this season's battle pass. It will run you 7 stars to unlock, and once you've obtained it, you'll be able to see the quests listed in the "Byte's Quests" tab within your Quests menu.

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Byte's Quests and how to complete them

There are seven quests to complete to unlock all of the alt styles for The Nothing's Gift pickaxe. Each one will unlock after completing the one before it.

Tune the TV while wearing the Byte's Outfit

This can be done either at Lustrous Lagoon or just west of Herald's Sanctum. While wearing any variation of the Bytes skin, head to one of the locations marked by the quest. You'll see an exclamation point show up when you're near the TV, which you'll just need to hold a button on to tune.

Damage opponents with Evo-Chrome weapons

You'll need to deal a total of 2,500 damage with Evo-Chrome weapons, which include the Evo-Chrome Burst Rifle and Evo-Chrome Shotgun. These can be found most easily in heavily chromed areas and within chromed chests.

Drive Distance in chromed vehicles

Use a Chrome Splash to chrome a vehicle, then drive it for 5,000 meters. Repeat as necessary until the quest completes.

Pass through chromed structures in different named locations

Simply head over to Herald's Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, or Chrome Crossroads, then just walk into any chromed wall and you'll phase right through it. Repeat this process by splashing walls at other named locations and then passing through them.

Search 20 chromed chests

Chromed chests are frequently found at Herald's Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, or Chrome Crossroads. Just loot 20 of them to complete this quest.

Deal 2,500 damage to chrome wildlife

You'll find chromed wildlife scattered all across the map, most commonly near chrome-infested POIs. Deal 2,500 damage to these to complete this quest.

Eliminate 20 opponents at a chromed named location

Eliminate 20 players at Herald's Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, or Chrome Crossroads.

Chrome 10 opponents

Use a Chrome Splash on opponents 10 times. This may prove slightly challenging during gunfights, so be prepared for a bit of mayhem.

Byte's Quests rewards

For completing the quests, you'll earn the following alt styles for The Nothing's Gift pickaxe:

Complete Bytes Quests to earn seven new styles for Bytes' pickaxe.
Complete Bytes Quests to earn seven new styles for Bytes' pickaxe.
  • Dread Claw
  • Sharpened Sunburst
  • Razer Thorn
  • Reaper's Lament
  • Skewer
  • Chaotic Edge
  • The Thrasher

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