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Fortnite Bridges Locations: Where To Fly Under Purple, Blue, Red Steel Bridges (Week 8 Skye's Adventure Guide)

Here's where to fly a Choppa under three steel bridges and complete one of Fortnite's Week 8 Skye's Adventure challenges.


Week 8 of Fortnite Season 2 has arrived, which means the second batch of Skye's Adventure challenges is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile devices. This week's missions run the gamut from searching chests at landmarks to hitting pistol headshots, but one of the more involved challenges asks you to fly a Choppa under the purple, red, and blue steel bridges. If you're not sure where those are, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Where Are The Purple, Blue, And Red Steel Bridge Locations?

There are several colored bridges around Fortnite's map, but this challenge asks you to specifically fly under the purple, red, and blue ones. The purple steel bridge can be found in grid square C6, north of Slurpy Swamp; the red steel bridge is south of Pleasant Park in grid square D3; and the blue steel bridge is east of Pleasant Park in E2. You can see where all three bridges are located on the map below, along with the other colored bridges.

Fortnite steel bridge locations map
Fortnite steel bridge locations map

How To Complete The Challenge

Now that we know where the colored bridges are, you need to get in a Choppa and fly beneath them. You can find the vehicle at just about any helipad around the island, but there's one conveniently in Pleasant Park, which is near two of the bridges you need to visit. We'd recommend landing there, hopping in a Choppa, and flying beneath the blue and red bridges first before making your way to the purple one.

We're nearing the end of Season 2, but there's still a little time left to complete any earlier weekly challenges from this season. If you need help clearing those, we've collected all of our maps and guides in our Fortnite Season 2 challenges roundup.

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