Fortnite: Battle Royale Weapon "Temporarily Disabled"

Put away your boogie shoes.


Fortnite developer Epic has announced it is removing another item from Battle Royale--at least, temporarily. Due to a bug that was recently discovered, the studio will be taking the Boogie Bomb out of the game while it works on a fix.

Epic made the announcement on Twitter, tweeting that it will be "temporarily disabling" the Boogie Bomb until it can fix the bug. Like its name implies, the Boogie Bomb forces other players to dance uncontrollably for a set amount of time (or until they take damage). However, an exploit was discovered (via Reddit) that allows players to use the Boogie Bomb to carry unlimited weapons.

Essentially, by bombing themselves with the item, the game would let players continue picking up weapons beyond the typical item cap. Normally, Battle Royale limits you to carrying five weapons/items at a time, but thanks to the exploit, players could effectively pick up an unlimited amount, which would naturally give them an unfair advantage over others.

Unlike the smoke grenades, which were removed entirely from Battle Royale and placed in the "Vault," the Boogie Bomb will return once the exploit has been addressed. Epic hasn't provided a time frame for when it expects the Boogie Bomb to return, but the studio says it will provide an update once the issue has been resolved.

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