Fortnite: Battle Royale Has Hit 10 Million Players In Two Weeks

10 million in two weeks seems like a strong start.

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There is certainly demand for a Battle Royale game experience on consoles. Epic Games announced today that its free-to-play Fortnite: Battle Royale game reached 10 million players in the two weeks following its launch in late September.

The game tallied 1 million players on launch day, and this past Sunday, October 8, Battle Royale had 3.7 million players and 525,000 players at its peak that day.

Battle Royale players have collectively jumped out of the Battle Bus--the way each match starts--292.7 million times. And altogether, players have logged 44.5 million gameplay hours. You can see even more stats about Battle Royale's first two weeks here in this Imgur graphic.

Battle Royale is a completely free experience at the moment, though Epic has said it plans to add a microtransaction system for cosmetic items at a later date. Given the big success thus far, it appears Epic has another major hit on its hands, though it remains to be seen how many players will stick around. That will no doubt be dependent on how much support Epic gives to the game. We'll be following the game's progress in the time ahead.

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The game has not been without controversy, however. The developers of PUBG, the game that Battle Royale is often compared to, have threatened Epic over the game. You can learn more about the situation in GameSpot's video above, in which GameSpot producer Mat Paget speaks to a video game attorney about the legalities in play.

PUBG is coming to Xbox One this year, though a specific release date has yet to be announced. The game will be published on Xbox One by Microsoft. A PlayStation 4 version could come later, though it hasn't been announced yet.

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game is amazing especially for free. optimized already. runs on my core m based dell 2 in 1 and on my i5 nuc. very smooth on the nuc too.

easily the best shooter experience since the original rust.

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still too buggy for me I'll run for a gun as I land and it will be gone because another player had rubber banded in front of me.

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@uubershikamarux: happens on ps4 too

also, i get a lot of hit detection issues,

but, it's early access

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@uubershikamarux: that's on your end then.

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@newbpwnr: lol whatever friend i'm not going to argue with you over if an early release game is buggy or not.

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@uubershikamarux: theres no argument. ive been playing for 5 days straight on a little 4 inch by 2 inch pc over a cellular connection and have experienced none of what you describe.

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@newbpwnr: lol why you such a prick? He’s just saying it’s early access. And it’s probably not on his end. I also notice hit detection/netcode issues. And im running a verizon fios connection. 900mb DL-11 ping. So yeah the game has issues. Which is expected. It’s early access.

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@mototim34: hes just talking out his ass. claiming something is buggy just because its early access with no actual basis is irresponsible and douchey.