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Fortnite: Battle Royale Guide - 6 Biggest Mistakes Starting Players Make

Outgrow these tendencies and you'll rise to the top of the Fortnite rankings.

Due to the massive popularity of games like PUBG and H1Z1, you might be familiar with the battle royale genre. However, Fortnite: Battle Royale is a tad different from its competitors. The game takes the base premise of the genre and gives you the ability to rapidly construct fortifications, like walls and stairs, allowing you to protect yourself and create your own tactical environmental-based strategies.

Since its debut as a free-to-play mode last year, Fortnite: Battle Royale has skyrocketed in popularity, becoming a formidable competitor to PUBG. As a result, there's no shortage of new players jumping into the game for the first time every day--you might be one yourself. And with the latest season making the rounds, there couldn't be a better time to jump in. To assist those looking to come out on top, we've detailed in the video above some of the common mistakes new players make, as well as ways to improve.

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The most common mistakes we highlight in the video above include:

  1. Not Mapping Building Actions To Hotkeys
  2. Forgetting To Build Under Fire
  3. Forgetting To Knock Down Enemy Forts
  4. Landing In Hot Spots
  5. Forgetting To Share Health Items
  6. Picking The Wrong Weapon

Of course, preparation and being a team player when playing cooperatively are proper solutions to these starting behaviors, but if you want more specific details on each of these points, be sure to watch the video above.

What do you think are some of biggest mistakes new players make in Fortnite: Battle Royale? Let us know in the comments below. For more Fortnite: Battle Royale guides, check out our beginner's tips guide and our guide on 12 essential tips you should know, but if you're more advanced, be sure to read our advanced tips guide. You can also check out our video guide detailing how to build more effectively.

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