Fortnite Battle Royale Characters' Backs Are Now Customizable

Trick out your back torso.

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Epic Games has been adding a bunch of new content to Fortnite, especially as the game's popularity has continued to rise. In the Season 3 Battle Pass for the Battle Royale mode, for example, the developer is releasing some new cosmetic items, such as emotes, loading screens, outfits--and Back Blings.

You read that right: Epic has added a new customization option for your Hero that modifies the appearance of its back. Basically, anything that a character holds on its back is now part of this option, so you'll be able to change out previously permanent characteristics like the Love Ranger's wings or the Knights' shields.

Any character can use Back Bling, and there are three new Blings being added in the Battle Pass. This new option will probably enable some pretty wild combinations with the different Heroes and their skins.

The Season 3 Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks, which is about $10. It comes with 76 items in all; along with the 3 Back Blings, you'll also get a bunch of emoticons, banners, and other cosmetics. You can read more about what the Battle Pass comes with here; it went on sale today.

In other news, Epic has also released a brand new gun, the Hand Cannon, to the game. In addition, a new patch for Fortnite launched recently on PS4, Xbox One, and PC that comes with the Impulse Grenade.

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