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Fortnite, As Explained By Johnny Cash (Via Jimmy Fallon)

"If we stay here we can get trashed and play Fortnite."


What would Johnny Cash think about Fortnite? We may never know, but now Jimmy Fallon has given us some idea of how the music legend would explain the battle royale game.

A silly segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon sees Fallon doing his best Johnny Cash impression alongside Ethan Hawke as Willie Nelson performing a rendition of "On The Road Again." The lyrics are of course totally changed up, and halfway through there is a diversion related to Fortnite. Skip to 2:22 to jump to the Fortnite section.

"If we stay here we can get trashed and play Fortnite," Fallon sings, with Hawke interjecting, "Wait, what is Fortnite?"

Fallon doesn't skip a beat and launches into an adept explanation of Fortnite, made more humorous in the voice of Cash. He sings:

"Fortnite is an online multiplayer game where a flyin' bus drops you off onto an island. On that island, you face off against 99 other players, each of whom spends time collectin' weapons and materials with which to fight other players and build, well, forts. The last man alive is the winner. It's sorta like Hunger Games meets Minecraft. It's, like, super fun."

The video also features actual guitarist Charlie Sexton as Kris Kristofferson and musician/actor Ben Dickey as Waylon Jennings.

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