Fortnite: Ant-Man Is Now Available

The size-changing Marvel hero is the latest crossover character to join the game.


Update: Ant-Man has now officially joined Fortnite. You can purchase the character from the item shop now. His toothpick pickaxe and Ant-onion back bling are also available.

Original story follows...

Ant-Man is, it appears, set to be the next character in Fortnite. Leakers have shown a portal tease that strongly hints the size-shifting hero will be coming soon, though Epic Games has yet to make the news official. He'd be just the latest in a very long line of Marvel heroes who have been available as skins.

Portals have been opening up as part of the Zero Point storyline in Fortnite for the last several weeks, and the latest shows a forest floor. The camera is on the ground, with bug noises heard--but Ant-Man himself isn't seen in the video. Dataminers found the portal is code-named "SmallFry," which seems to add weight to the Ant-Man prediction.

The portals are typically only open for a short time before we get official confirmation on the crossovers. We've seen this with Tron, which featured a portal of the familiar blue-colored digital world before an announcement was made. It was also the case with Street Fighter, which showed off Ryu's Suzaku Castle stage inside the portal. Most of the characters for Season 6 haven't been superheroes, with the game instead drawing on a wide number of franchises like Alien, Halo, God of War, Predator, and GI Joe for skins and occasional challenges. Many of them seemed like odd inclusions, but that's the beauty of the Zero Point making things so bonkers.

It's likely that Ant-Man will be one of the last characters to make a guest appearance for Fortnite Season 5, appearing as a skin in the item shop. Season 6 will likely begin after next week, as the battle pass is only available for sale through March 15. If it's keeping with Epic Games' traditional strategy, there will be a monumental event to kick off the new season, and it's almost certainly going to involve the increasingly unstable Zero Point.

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