Fortnite Announces Tron Crossover, New Items Now Available

New Tron items are now available in the item shop after a portal previously teased the crossover.


Fortnite has officially confirmed a crossover with the Tron franchise after previously teasing it with a mysterious portal. As of February 12, you can purchase a number of different Tron items from the game's item shop, letting you relive your favorite sci-fi moments as you play battle royale.

The new items are called the "End of Line" Collection, and they include a plethora of player-looks, including Cyher, Firewall, and Bitstream. They include removable helmets, as well, and you also get a rideable Glider and an Identity Disc Pickaxe to really nail the look from the movies.

Prior to the confirmation, it had been teased on the Fortnite Twitter account.

In the latest "Reality Log" transmission, we're told that the next target is only available via an "incredibly old computer," which we then hear slowly booting up. After some technical difficulties, the narrator gets "scanned" into the computer.

As you can see in YouTube creator AKF_BIN's video, if you look into this portal, you can clearly see the Tron cyber-world. Its blue hues are recognizable even to casual fans, but it's a little odd for a crossover given that the franchise hasn't exactly been that prominent recently. Jared Leto says he's starring in a third movie, but Tron: Legacy released over a decade ago. Jeff Bridges played roles in both films. Popular arcade games were also produced, though the Tron: Evolution game that released alongside the sequel received mostly negative reviews.

It will be interesting to see how many of Fortnite's younger players even know what Tron is. Then again, the same thing can arguably be said for franchises like Terminator, which began in the '80s and have seen much less success with more-recent releases. Epic Games certainly seems to know what it's doing, though, so we won't question these guest appearances. For more on Fortnite, check out our guide to completing the latest weekly challenges, including how to find and deliver love potions.

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