Fortnite And My Hero Academia: How To Get Deku's Smash Mythic Weapon

Fortnite's battle royale island just got a lot more dangerous.


My Hero Academia has arrived in Fortnite, and over the next two weeks, it's going to have a huge impact on how you play. That's because this collab isn't just about item shop cosmetics--though it certainly does have those. But on top of that, the island is now home to a new MHA-themed Mythic weapon: Deku's Smash.

Deku's Smash is just as big of a shift to the Fortnite meta as the Kamehameha was during the Dragonball collaboration this past summer. This is to say you should expect things to blow up a lot more during the next two weeks, as players will no doubt be constantly throwing this thing around.

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What actually is the Deku's Smash mythic weapon?

Remember how the Kamehameha was basically a giant laser that would melt anything that you pointed it at--provided you could survive the lengthy charge-up time? The Deku's Smash is a pretty similar concept, with the main difference being that it's more like you're throwing a very large bomb.

In gameplay terms, the distinction here is that while the Kamehameha would damage whatever it touched and would last a set amount of time, Deku's Smash fires off a projectile that goes up in a single massive explosion once it makes an impact with any hard surface--or player. And yes, it's extremely good at taking out buildings and especially player structures.

Where to get the Deku's Smash mythic in Fortnite Battle Royale

There are three methods for getting your very own Deku's Smash mythic that you can use to demolish your enemies and whatever buildings they're hiding in.

First: supply drops. For the duration of the My Hero Academia event, the island will be receiving special supply drops from All Might which contain a Deku's Smash. You'll see these marked on your map whenever they drop, just like regular supply drops.

Second: vending machines. The Fortnite battle royale island will be dotted with new My Hero Academia vending machines that will sell you a Deku's Smash in exchange for 250 gold bars.

Third: defeat enemies who are carrying one and take theirs. This is pretty self-explanatory.

Remember, though, that Fortnite x My Hero Academia is a limited-time event that will run through December 29, so be sure to get your smashes in while you can!

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