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Fortnite Adds Will Smith's Bad Boys' Character Mike Lowrey

The detective from South Beach is taking his talents to Fortnite.


Some Fortnite crossovers are more surprising than others, and today's official reveal of Mike Lowrey of Bad Boys fame would be one such collaboration if it weren't for a recent credible leak that tipped off the game's community in advance. Here's what you need to know about the new Fortnite Will Smith skin.

Fortnite Will Smith/Mike Lowrey Skin

He can't be stopped now.
He can't be stopped now.

While Lowrey debuts without his buddy cop partner, Marcus Bennett, he does come with several additional cosmetics. Lowrey hits the Item Shop as an individual character skin or in a bundle with his complete Loose Cannon set. Also included in the set are the following items:

  • Detective's Duffle back bling
  • Loose Cannon Cutters pickaxe

The Bad Boys series began in 1995 and has since seen two sequels release, the latest of which came last year after a seventeen-year gap since Bad Boys 2 in 2003. Talks are ongoing for a fourth movie. Lowrey joins a host of other action heroes in Fortnite, most of which come from the world of comics like Marvel and DC, as well as several from Star Wars.

A recent leak does seem to suggest more grounded square-jaws will be coming to the game in the future, though. One leak indicates Chris Hemsworth's character from Netflix's Extraction was at least being made in the game at some point, though given that the movie was released over a year ago, it's possible those plans were scrapped--or maybe he'll debut alongside a sequel.

We don't know when Mike Lowrey will exit the Item Shop, but we expect it'll take a few days before he's rotated out, meaning (sings) he ain't going nowhere.

The season is winding down, so we can expect many more crossovers to come in Season 8 and beyond. For more recent licensed characters, don't miss the Fortnite skins for Wonder Woman and J Balvin.

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