Fortnite Adds Gold Medal Snowboarder Chloe Kim On March 26

The two-time gold medalist trades her snowboard for Slurp Juice on the Fortnite island.


Fresh off of her gold medal victory at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, American snowboarder Chloe Kim will be joining the Fortnite Icon Series during Season 2.

The gold medalist will arrive in the item shop on March 26 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET as a full cosmetic bundle, featuring a skin, glider, and more, with the items from the bundles also being sold separately. The full list of items included in the Chloe Kim bundle is as follows:

  • Sub-Zero Flight back bling
  • Frozen Flourish pickaxe
  • Nunbola glider
  • Board Flair emote
  • Nunbola loading screen
Chloe Kim rides into Fortnite on March 26.
Chloe Kim rides into Fortnite on March 26.

The Chloe Kim skin will also come with four different styles, including the Back to Back style inspired by her two gold medal victories, Pink Poppies, Deep Freeze, and a reactive Icy Infusion style that starts as Pink Poppies but slowly turns into Deep Freeze as the player scores eliminations.

Duos that would like a chance to win the skin early can team up in the Chloe Kim Cup, a no-build duos tournament on March 24 where players can compete to win the Chloe Kim skin and Sub-Zero Flight back bling before it becomes available to everyone. The tournament begins at different times depending on the region, but the Chloe Kim Cup requires ten duos matches to be played within a three-hour window in order to qualify.

When the Chloe Kim skin and cosmetic bundle join the item shop on March 26, all proceeds from it will be donated to Ukrainian relief efforts as part of Epic Games and Xbox's campaign to donate all money made from Fortnite to the cause until April 3. One day after the announcement, the game had already raised $36 million, which was donated to multiple relief organizations.

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