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Fortnite Adding Morty From Rick And Morty, Will Smith's Bad Boys Character, Leak Suggests

Much like the Bad Boys, the Fortnite collaborations ain't going nowhere.


Fortnite was once called the Funko Pop of video games because of how many licensed tie-ins it gets. At this point, such a comparison may not even be enough for Epic Games' shooter. Thanks to a group of reliable Fortnite leakers, we now know of four new collaborations coming soon to Fortnite, including an apparently Will Smith skin.

The most relevant of them is probably Morty, the young adult deuteragonist from Adult Swim's popular cartoon, Rick and Morty. Rick Sanchez was famously made the level 100 battle pass reward for Fortnite Season 7, so it only makes sense that Morty would find his way to the island as well. As shown in the first leaked images from @Hypex and @Not0fficer, Morty will utilize a mech suit, much like Meowscles' offspring Kit, in order to maintain a hitbox on par with the rest of the Fortnite roster.

Also revealed by the same pair of leakers is the first-ever Will Smith skin. While the actor has dozens of roles under his belt, the Fortnite outfit will borrow from his Bad Boys days in which he's played Detective Mike Lowrey across a series of movies between 1995 and 2020. A fourth movie is currently in production at Sony Pictures.

Yet another collaboration is planned too, and like Rick and Morty, it ties an Item Shop character to their battle pass partner. Guggimon, the virtual TikTok star featured in the Season 7 battle pass, will be reunited with Janky, the feisty-looking bear clad in a rainbow sweater and Timberland-style boots.

Meanwhile, a separate leak seemed to spoil the reveal of a Tyler Rake skin. If you don't know who Tyler Rake is, he's the lead character in Netflix's Extraction. Portrayed by Chris Hemsworth, it's possible Netflix is aware of the character's somewhat low status among action heroes like James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Ethan Hunt, and the brand may be using Fortnite to boost Rake's image, even as the movie came out over a year ago.

While we haven't seen the whole skin yet, a partial reveal was linked to Rake's movie attire, leading many to suspect it's him, especially after Donald Mustard teased the addition of Rake over a year ago.

Fortnite collaborations are occurring almost as often as leaks these days, but Epic is still able to keep some under wraps from time to time. Officially revealed this week is the first-ever Wonder Woman skin in Fortnite too. You can find a lot more in Fortnite this week, including the 17.40 patch notes, which heralded the debut of the new Impostors mode.

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