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Fortnite - A Grassy Island In The Center Of Everything Location

This may be the easiest of the tricky Cerberus Snapshots, but it can still cause some headaches without our guide.


Fortnite's latest Snapshot Quests, also known as story challenges, are live in the game, and a few of them are trickier than you may be used to as of late. If you need to know where to find the location referred to when Cerberus says he left a chew toy "on a grassy island in the center of everything," we have your solution here.

On a grassy island in the center of everything in Fortnite

Each of these Cerberus chew toys you'll be finding for this week's snapshots require you to head to landmarks across the island, then dig up the toy. The nice thing to note is that once you get to the right spot, you'll receive a marker for where to dig, so you won't have to guess so long as you've arrived in the correct location.

For this one, you'll want to head to the lake southeast of Restored Reels. However, there are two small (and seemingly grassy) islands there, and in a firefight, it may be annoying to head to the wrong one and fail to complete your quest. For this challenge, you'll want to head to the smaller and more eastern island of the two there. We've marked it on the map below.

On a grassy island in the center of everything solution
On a grassy island in the center of everything solution

Once you arrive, hit the marker with your pickaxe to dig up the "chew toy" and you'll have completed one of three related challenges. We also have guides on where to find the chew toy near the snow where people bury yummy bones and the one under the windmill with a view of the Styx. You can even find them all in one spot by using our Cerberus Snapshot gallery.

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