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Fortnite: A Giant, Mysterious Cube Rolls Around The Map After Rift's Latest Lightning Strike

Fortnite is really weird sometimes.


It's been quite the day in Fortnite. After weathering a massive lightning storm, players discovered a mysterious glowing cube in the desert. No one knows exactly what it's for yet. [Update: Its purpose remains a mystery, but the cube has begun moving around the map at regular intervals. We'll report back with any further developments.]

Earlier today, purple lightning began striking the desert. Players quickly observed that the bolts were coursing from the rift in the sky, and that some were striking and destroying cacti. The lightning strikes started coming faster and faster, until they suddenly just stopped. In the aftermath, players discovered a massive, seemingly interdimensional cube on the edge of the desert. The rift is now gone as well.

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Players have been experimenting with the cube and theorizing what it might be for. Standing near the cube rejuvenates a player's shields, but striking or shooting it will force players back and damage them. The cube glows with strange symbols, which some players, like Reddit user ulus10, have begun theorizing might be an encoded message.

Locating the cube is pretty simple if you want to experiment with it yourself. It stands out against the desert landscape and you can easily glide to it from the Battle Bus. If you manage to land on top of the cube, jumping up and then striking its surface before you touch down will send you careening into the air. It's pretty fun.

Fortnite is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android devices.

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