Fortnite 22.10 Patch Notes: Cobra DMR, Holo-Chests, And The Return Of The Grapple Glove

Loopers will be swinging back into action after the latest patch.


The Fortnite 22.10 patch is now live, and it introduces a new long-range weapon, a new type of chest, and a returning fan-favorite item to the battle royale.

The Cobra DMR will make its debut in the Fortnite 22.10 patch, replacing the current standard DMR. The Cobra version of the long-range rifle fires more quickly--1.6x faster than the standard DMR, to be precise--while also holding double the amount of bullets per clip with 20. The Cobra DMR can be found as ordinary floor loot, in chests, and even while fishing.

The new Holo-Chest coming with the Fortnite 22.10 patch.
The new Holo-Chest coming with the Fortnite 22.10 patch.

Speaking of chests, the new patch will also introduce the Holo-Chest, a new type of loot holder that will appear throughout the island. Holo-Chests will require a Vault Key to open--the same Vault Keys that have appeared since the beginning of the season. The chests will also project the type of weapon it holds directly above it, so the player can choose if they wish to open it or not.

Finally, the patch will also mark the return of the Grapple Glove, the web shooter-esque item that allows players to swing around the map like Spider-Man himself. The Grapple Glove is returning at the expense of the Boogie Bomb, which will return to the vault.

Other changes coming in the Fortnite 22.10 patch include Bytes Quests, which will unlock more forms for Bytes's pickaxe The Nothing's Gift, as well as Super Styles for multiple battle pass skins (including Spider-Gwen) that can be unlocked after level 140 in the battle pass. The patch will also address a few bugs, which have been detailed below.

Fortnite is available to download for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

Fortnite 22.10 patch bug fixes

  • Players on controller are now able to consistently navigate the inventory with the left thumbstick.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the map to default to the Map tab even when previously closed on the Quests tab.
  • Lennox Rose’s hair no longer obstructs the reticle while crouching.
  • Players should no longer get stuck when phasing through Chrome-ified structures at Herald’s Sanctum.
  • Chrome-ified building pieces now lose their “on fire” visual effects when the fire has ended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused visual/screen effects from a Chrome Vortex to persist in specific circumstances.
  • The "Reset to last saved position" button in the HUD Layout Tool on mobile is again returning all buttons to the last saved position.
  • Fixed an issue involving hair clipping through headwear on several Outfits.
  • Blackheart’s Character indicator is again appearing on the minimap.
  • The Storm notification no longer appears towards the middle of the screen.
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