Fornite Nerfs "Plastic Patroller" Skin With New, Less Camouflage Paintjob

Life in plastic is now less fantastic with this balance change.


Epic has decided to change a recent Fortnite skin, after finding that it was giving players an unfair advantage. The "Plastic Patroller" skin was designed to look like the green army men toys you may have played with as a child or stepped on as an adult. But the faded green made this particular soldier a little too camouflage, so the studio has issued a change in the 10.10 update.

According to the version 10.10 patch notes, the visual update adds mud smears, wear and tear, and a brighter outline. Anyone who wants to refund the Plastic Patroller can do so without a refund token within 30 days from your next login. The patch notes explain, "These changes were added to prevent this Outfit from providing a camouflage effect in certain areas of the map, which was making it very difficult to see."

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This is the second Fortnite skin controversy in the last few days. Recently Epic was criticized for selling a reskinned version of a Battle Pass item, a dog pet named Gunner. Shortly after, the studio pulled the item and issued an apology. The studio also recently toned down the B.R.U.T.E. mech for being overpowered.

Fortnite is in the midst of Season 10, offering an array of new cosmetics to earn with the Battle Pass. For more on how to complete the latest challenges, check out our ongoing Fortnite Challenge Guide.

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