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Former Valve director leaves Microsoft after less than 12 months

Microsoft wishes former head of PC gaming division and strategy 'the best in his future endeavours'.

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Microsoft Studio's head of PC gaming division and strategy Jason Holtman has left the company after less than 12 months in the position. Holtman first joined Microsoft midway through last year, after departing from his position as director of business development at Valve.

Credit: Edge Online.
Credit: Edge Online.

"We can confirm that Jason has left Microsoft, and we're grateful for his time at the company. We wish him the best in his future endeavours," a Microsoft representative told GameSpot today.

No further information was disclosed as to where Holtman may be heading or circumstances surrounding his departure.

Holtman's contributions at Valve include his work on shaping digital distribution platform Steam into what it is today. He left Valve amidst a round of layoffs that the organisation enacted in February last year.

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