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Former Sony Online Vets Announce New MOBA You Can Play In 5 Minutes

Call of Champions is a 3v3 MOBA for mobile devices launching this year; dev says, "There is nothing like it."

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Texas-based independent developer Spacetime Studios, founded by former Sony Online Entertainment veterans, is hoping to shake up the MOBA genre.

The developer on Wednesday announced Call of Champions, a 3v3 MOBA for mobile devices that aims to separate itself from the pack by distilling the formula to its basics for quick, exciting matches.

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"While the concept of the mobile MOBA is not new, we feel there's significant room to improve the competitive experience, catering to the short sessions in which gamers use their mobile devices," Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis said. "We've distilled the MOBA to its core components by removing things like item shops, minions, and jungles and adding powerups, a five-minute clock, and a full suite of crazy abilities at your fingertips."

"Add on deep social layers like friends, teams, and broadcast/spectator modes, and there is nothing like it on mobile," he claimed.

Overall, Spacetime describes Call of Champions as a "next-generation MOBA" specifically designed for competitive gamers. Matches have a five-minute limit, meaning you'll be able to fit in a session on the train to work, at school, or between meetings if you're feeling adventurous.

In terms of gameplay, you play as one 20 different "Champion" characters across five unique classes. As you'd expect, each has their own tailor-made playstyle and abilities.

Spacetime also says that Call of Champions has been designed with competition chiefly in mind. To that end, the game features an "expansive social toolset" to help players recruit team team members, schedule matches, and even view or broadcast games.

Call of Champions is scheduled to launch later this year as a free download for iOS and Android devices. SXSW attendees, however, can play the game at the show March 13-15 as part of the event's first-ever mobile exhibition tournament. More information is available here.

For more on Call of Champions, check out the video above and the image gallery below.

Spacetime was founded by former Sony Online developers Gattis, Cinco Barnes, Jake Rodgers, and Anthony Sommers in 2005. The studio's other games include mobile titles such as Arcane Legends, Pocket Legends, and more.

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