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Former Microsoft creative director to speak about toxic online behavior at GDC 2014

Adam Orth will discuss the backlash to his comments last year, when he told people who complained about Xbox One being always-online to "deal with it."


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Adam Orth will lecture about the destructive power of opinion and online community at the Game Developers Conference 2014. His talk will focus on the backlash to comments he made last year, when he told people who complained about the (now canceled) plan to have Xbox One be always-online to "deal with it."

"When Adam Orth shared his opinions about Xbox One on Twitter the backlash was so caustic he had to quit his job and move his family to avoid harassment," a post on GDC's website explains. "The experience gave him a unique perspective on the power online communities hold, and he'll share that perspective at GDC 2014 in his talk Mob Rules: The Destructive Power of Opinion and Online Community."

Orth's GDC 2014 talk is an expanded version of a lecture he first gave at GDC Next. He will discuss how to deter negative mob mentalities in the game industry and what developers can do to create more positive communities.

Since the controversy, Orth joined the newly founded independent development studio Three One Zero, located in Santa Monica California

GDC 2014 will take place March 17-21 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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