Former members of team SouL, Shin 'hyvaa' Dae Kun, Kim 'Last' Sung Hyun and Kim 'YoungJoo' Young Joo retire

With team SouL, the placeholder for STX SouL players who were yet to find a new team, disbanding yesterday three players from the former team have annouced their retirements.


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After the team's two remaining star players, Baek 'Dear' Dong Jun and Cho 'Trap' Sung Ho left for mousesports and Incredible Miracle left SouL in the last week and a half, SouL manager Kim Min Ki said to Korean esports site Daily eSports that the organisation had held up their end of the bargain and had helped their players to either find new homes or at least give them a last shot at competing before officially retiring.

The three final players on the roster following the departure of Dear and Trap were Shin 'hyvaa' Dae Kun, Kim 'Last' Sung Hyun and Kim 'YoungJoo' Young Joo and have all decided to retire as of today.

Whilst they never won Starleagues, hyvaa and Last were incredible team league players during their respective primes in Brood War. In Starcraft 2, Last made a very deep run in the first SC2 OnGameNet Starleague where he finished 4th. hyvaa, who never enjoyed as much success in an individual setting, became a fan favorite and a villain during his 2013 WCS Korea Season 2 OSL run, where a myriad of cheeses was the name of his game as he managed to eliminate players like Lee 'Leenock' Dong Nyoung and Shin 'RorO' No Yeol from the competition.

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