Former Korean progamer Jo 'Golden' Myeong to host and cast eight person invitational

Ex-StarTale player Jo 'Golden' Myeong will cast an eight person, all-ranks invitational before the new year.


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Every once and while you have a weird idea and you just have to go with it.

Korean progamer turned professional streamer Jo 'Golden' Myeong announced today that he would be casting a $100, eight person invitational for APM League on December 28th. Jo freely admits in the announcement that the cast will feature "terrible English," and that he's considering including Bronze level players. In the same thread as the announcement Axiom Protoss Choi 'CranK' Jae Won asks if he can co-cast.

Those looking to participate should email The email should include the following:

  • Real name :
  • Age:
  • Country :
  • Nick name and Character Code :
  • Email:
  • League and Ranking :
  • Will you abide by the rules?
  • Will you participate on December 28th, at 3PM PDT?

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