Former Halo director's first feature trailer unspools

In 2006, Microsoft stunned the world by announcing that a virtual unknown would be directing the big-budget film adaptation of the Halo franchise. That unknown was Neil Blomkamp, a young South African filmmaker who had won awards for his series of futuristic commercials and shorts. Those included...


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In 2006, Microsoft stunned the world by announcing that a virtual unknown would be directing the big-budget film adaptation of the Halo franchise. That unknown was Neil Blomkamp, a young South African filmmaker who had won awards for his series of futuristic commercials and shorts. Those included minithriller Yellow, the Robocop-esque Tetra Vaal, the Office-like satire Tempbot, and Alive in Joburg, an ambitious sci-fi drama about alien refugees occupying part of Johannesburg.

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Despite the backing of Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, Blomkamp was inexperienced enough to make studio executives reconsider the Halo film project, which remains in turnaround after being put on indefinite hold in 2006. Luckily, those intrigued by Blomkamp's Halo live-action shorts about Orbital Drop Shock Troops will soon get a chance to see his first feature film, District 9. The first trailer for the sci-fi drama, which is based on Alive in Joburg, hit the Web this week and is viewable in HD via Apple's Web site. Due out in US theaters on August 14, it is executive-produced by Jackson and (ironically) distributed by Sony Pictures.

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@colton yes it is supposed to be the start of the halo movie series but called district 9 i think.

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wait so is this a halo movie

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If anyone ever saw one of the old budweiser trailers with an alien there was one that looked kinda like that hoping 4 a halo movie

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thanks.... << LINK REMOVED >>

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it looks pretty cool...

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yeah they need to stick to the story if they make a halo movie

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If they make a Halo movie it needs to stick to the story and details like the games, dont change anything!!!

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hoping* Then I'll take you seriously.

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we are a elite squad of halo 3 players hopping to dominate a console near you xSPARTINofWARx (CAPTAIN) I mr snip3downI (SHARPSHOOTER) pandassasin72 (OVERALL-BADASS) TOS Nightmare17 (DEMO-LICIOUS) up-front we get up close and personal. << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>

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really goooooood.......

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Whether Jackson or not, this movie better be big-budget and promising a real blast for spectators. Not to mention that they shouldn't involve too many boring or unnecessary characters....

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That D-9 movie looks interesting...some very (obviously) human themes being played around with...with none other than the more than enough cliched African setting. It's a foreign film, and like some good works that the French and Germans make, don't dismiss this just because it's not an American big budget blockbuster.

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this is supposed to be like a documentary or like a news journalism piece...let's get that out of the way people. this could be groundbreaking. if your not going to give it a chance because the alien looks dumb in your opinion...that's lame lame doesn't have blockbuster written on's a sci-fi movie...but it does have cult classic written all over it... ...go watch wolverine if you want cheesy lame ill-choreographed fight scenes with par acting and horrible plot development and special fx.

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I really wouldn't care about a Halo movie. All of those characters bore me....

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the HALO movie better be something that will "BLOW US AWAY"!

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i seen that video before. i think it looks awesome. i hope a halo movie is made. that would be sweet

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Wow, lot of hate in here. I think it looks pretty cool. I'm tired of all aliens looking the same so I like that this one is at least unique to some degree. I'm still surprised that Blomkamp wasn't able to generate enough interest with the Drop Shock short he did. That was looked great.

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Halo fanboys annoy me to no end. Reason number 1 why they Halo project failed? The director apparently didn't want to do a movie about Master Chief. He wanted to base it off of a squad and Master Chief would pop up every now and then. Reason for that is because Halo canon does not tell us what a Spartan looks like under the helmet, and what nationality Master Chief is. And it's next to impossible to feel anything for someone in a suit witha blast shield.

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Halo film will never be made unless Microsoft creates their own studio and funds the movie themselves. Nobody else wants to do the movie because Microsoft wants to make sure it's done right, with a good budget, and Hollywood doesn't want a "good" video-game movie. Why would you ever want your biggest competitor to rake in cash on your home turf? Ain't gonna happen. Can there be any other reason for why Uwe Boll is still allowed to make terrible movies when respected actors and directors fall off the face of the earth after creating a couple stinkers?

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I didnt think it looked that bad. The only thing that was garbage was the way the alien looked. Lets be for real here. Everyone wants some big name director to jump on the "Halo" bandwagon! I rather have a unknown come along and blow my mind then a well known screw up come along and distory what Halo is all because of his "Vision"!

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Is this for real? Talk about the worst film ever made... Then to top it off someone threw in music from Blood Diamond. James Newton Howard's masterpiece.... What an insult!!! Peter Jackson has gone from the acclaimed Lord of the Rings director to the worst director in history. The next film on his list should be the sequel to Far Cry.

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Commercial director, directing Halo movie... could be worse, they could have got Uwe Boll.

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I liked the first one better. Alien Nation.

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At first I was thinking "Wow, pretty cool trailer" but then I saw the giant bug alien and I gotta say it sort of ruined it for me. Regardless of the cheesy alien I thought it looked pretty cool and it definitely has potential.

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lame! lame! lame! lame! Really I'm glad this Neil Blomkamp has nothing to do with the Halo movie. I think they would have ruined it. That being said, I never like it when theres roaches in the house, much less when they are the size of humans, and live in thier own district. I'll be waiting for this on dvd. not my cup of tea.

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looks like intresting movie i saw the trailer yesterday. Everyone in hollywood doesnt want to touch in fear that they'll ruin it.

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the best part was when it was all like "they are not................human *music cuts*" and i was all like "whoa"

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How has no other studio or director jumped on this? To me it seems like a gold mine. They already have the fan base and just the halo name alone will make a hundred mill

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are they still planning on making a halo movie within the next 10 years?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I'm glad they are making him prove himself before making Halo. That is one video game movie they absolutely can't screw up. There would be many angry Halo fans if it turned out bad.

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This could either be very very cool. Or very very cheesy.

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yeah hell next starwars jajajajajaj

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If done right, the Halo movie could be the next star wars.

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This is getting ridiculous. Just make the damn video. The Halo series is one of the best selling games of any gaming console ever . It doesn't matter if its the worst movie in history people are going to go see it and with the special effects that they have today its bound to have some cool parts. MAKE THE MOVIE!!!

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a south african & a kiwi get together? lookout australia

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so, ummm no budget - check story that seams like a waste of time - check. oh whell...

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Apart from that fact that none of his films... long or short... make any sense... what a waste...

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what the hell is going on with all these supposedly game films? just make them, take the damn risk, its almost a garentee that so many people bought the games they are obviosly are going to see the films, halo 3 still has a player hit list of a few hundred thousand people playing per day lasting for over a year and in compeetition with gears of war 2, cod 4 and cod 5, gta etc.

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trailer looked a bit.....crap to be honest. Why can't they just make a film of like harvest or reach? or even just halo1, 2 and 3?

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@ flamingfirewolf That film's all over youtube, just search for 'Halo: Arms Race' Can't comment on District 9 atm, since I can't seem to download it...Apple FTW :P But from what I've heard it sounds like it has potential.

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halo movie,seems interesting

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dang, a halo movie if done right would be good.

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I wonder if we will ever see a Halo movie. The longer they wait, the less likely Halo will be as popular. Well it might be popular like old Sonic games, but not to the same extent it is now.

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Intriguing trailer - doesn't show much but interesting concept - I'd see it.

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could some one tell me where is the link to watch the halo trailer, because it is to confuing. thanks if any can link it to me :D

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Wonder why they shouldn't choose Peter Jackson

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Personally, I think the alien-talk bit messed up the trailer.

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It does kind of remind me of both V and Alien Nation, but why does that ship keep bring Independence Day to mind. Oh well, District 9 looks interesting enough to possibly get my $5 dollar matinee movie money once it comes out. Which is actually saying something, since the only movie I have actually had any interest in seeing since January was the new Wolverine movie. Except for Star Trek coming out next Friday. ~grin~