Former ESPN Host Criticizes Gaming Again

A pro gamer is a 29-year-old who lives with his parents, eats Hot Pockets, and loves Star Wars...according to Colin Cowherd.


In the wake of the news that TV network giant TBS is forming its own gaming league and will broadcast weekly matches, former ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd has again criticized competitive gaming. Cowherd, who now works for Fox Sports, ripped the pro gaming scene during a recent episode of his new show.

"That is now going to be a league," he says after airing footage from a fighting game tournament. "That was the nerd equivalent of 'band on the field.'" Co-host Kristine Leahy interjects to say, "[Competitive gaming] is a huge deal. It's bigger than the Super Bowl in some countries."

Cowherd then goes on to make jokes about competitive gaming champions and how they live at home with their parents, eat Hot Pockets, and enjoy Star Wars.

"Now he's going upstairs to his room, a room where a girl has never entered," Cowherd says in a mock play-by-play. "He sits down--look at that Star Wars collection!--and goes to town on the Hot Pocket; there is your esports champion"

Cowherd's comments and tone here aren't all that surprising. Being consistently outspoken and abrasive is what he does. Back in April, Cowherd said he'd quit ESPN if he was ever asked to cover competitive gaming, something that ESPN apparently wants to do more of in the future. In July, ESPN parted ways with Cowherd, who got his new start at Fox Sports just a month later.

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