Former EA Exec Who Is Now Zynga's CEO: "I'll Never Go Back" to Console and PC

"I love the mobile business."


For Frank Gibeau, the former EA Studios executive who is now Zynga's CEO, the smartphone market is more alluring than the console and PC space.

Speaking to GamesBeat after its newest earnings release, Gibeau--who more recently ran EA's mobile unit before joining Zynga--talked about why he's going all-in on mobile. "I used to work on console and PC, and I’ll never go back," he said. "I love the mobile business. The audiences you can reach, the geographic distribution--you have huge markets in Asia and emerging markets."

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Zynga's latest earnings numbers were ahead of expectations, but the company still took a $41 million loss, according to

Also in the interview, Gibeau said he sees a time in the future where the top of the smartphone charts don't always look the same. "When people say the charts are never going to change, I don't agree," he said. "It's a dynamic time in mobile. There's a lot of consolidation happening, a lot of new products coming, new ways to engage customers, whether it's subscription or AR or VR. It's exciting."

"I love where our company is positioned. Our focus on mass-market social is far from its full potential," he added. "When I look at what Zynga's capable of and how that vision is more relevant now than it's ever been in the company's history, I'm excited about where we're at as a company and as a market."

Read the full interview at here at GamesBeat.

Gibeau was named CEO of the FarmVille company in March, while former CEO Mark Pincus, who founded Zynga, transitioned to the role of executive chairman of the board.

"Mark founded Zynga with the simple premise that it's more fun to play games with other people and that social gaming was a path to the mass market. I felt the power of this idea as a competitor and was inspired by how Zynga reached unexpected new audiences and opened up brand-new gaming platforms," Gibeau said when he was appointed CEO.

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