Former BioShock, Halo Devs Successfully Fund Permadeath PC Survival Game

The Flame in the Flood Kickstarter is a success; details on stretch goals coming soon.

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The Kickstarter campaign for The Flame in the Flood, an upcoming PC survival game with permadeath from former BioShock and Halo developers, has met its funding goal of $150,000. The milestone was reached in just one week.

"We did it! We have officially hit our goal!," Cambridge, Mass. developer The Molasses Flood wrote on the game's Kickstarter page. "Thank you everyone who has backed us, who has spread the word, who has offered help. The outpouring of support and kind words has been overwhelming. "

"We really did't know how the campaign was going to go. There's been a lot of talk among developers about the decline of crowdfunding, about how it's an extremely unpredictable route to go," the studio added. "Scary stuff to hear as we readied our project. Doing well can help secure the future for a team, doing poorly can torpedo projects. If a pitch with an investor or publisher goes poorly, it’s pretty private. If a Kickstarter campaign goes poorly, everyone knows."

The Molasses Flood went on to say that the initial success of The Flame in the Flood means the studio is better positioned to reach its long-term of goal of not creating just this game, but rather a sustainable studio with many products to its name. "We are taking the first steps on that journey with all of you, and hope that through your support, we are all ensuring a future where we can continue making the sorts of games we love," the studio said.

Now that The Flame in the Flood has met its funding target, the studio said it plans to share details regarding stretch goals in the days and weeks ahead.

In The Flame in the Flood, which runs on the Unreal Engine 4, you'll travel by foot and by raft down a procedurally generated river in areas inspired real-life places like the Everglades, the Louisiana Bayou, and the Mississippi Delta. In order to stay alive, you'll need to seek out resources, craft tools, escape dangerous wildlife, and stay ahead of downpours of rain. "Your journey has an end. Will you survive long enough to reach it?" reads a line from the game's description.

The game also features original music from singer-songwriter Chuck Ragan. You can read more about The Flame in the Flood at its Kickstarter page and through our previous coverage.

Another Boston-based studio, Day For Night Games, is currently seeking funds for its upcoming PC game, The Black Glove. Funding currently stands at close to $89,000 of its $550,000 target.

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