Former Battlefield producer would like to see DICE return to future setting

Gordon Van Dyke says a Battlefield 2142 successor "would be amazing," but questions if DICE has "the balls" to leave the modern setting.


Former Battlefield producer Gordon Van Dyke would like to see developer DICE leave the "safe haven" of the modern setting and make a new future-set Battlefield game. However, he questioned if the Swedish develop has the courage to do so.

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"Battlefield 2142 successor on Frostbite Engine would be amazing," Van Dyke wrote on Twitter (via Pixel Enemy). "But does DICE got the balls to leave the safe haven of a modern war setting? Hope so."

This fall's Battlefield 4 takes place in a modern setting.

Van Dyke worked on Battlefield 2142 and acknowledged that the game came up short with what was possible. Leveraging the power of the Frostbite Engine and effective leadership could make a 2142 successor shine, he argued.

"When I worked on Battlefield 2142, we definitely didn't hit the games [sic] full potential, and I think under the right leadership they could now," he added.

Van Dyke left DICE in 2011 after six years with the company, beginning as a quality assurance tester and later serving as producer on big-budget games like Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company, and Battlefield: Bad Company. He also contributed to an unannounced new franchise at Visceral Games.

He now is an executive producer at Paradox Interactive, where he oversees the War of the Roses brand.

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