Forgotten Virus, Thought Dormant, Resurfaces

Pac Man Fever. It's back.


There was really only one form of entertainment passed around the seventh grade as much as Judy Blume's book Forever, and that was a beat-up audio tape of Pac Man Fever, an album released in the mid '80s chronicling the video games we spent all our money on in arcades on... Frogger, Donkey Kong, and Pac Man, just to name a few. spoke with Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia, the original creators, and the word is, Pac Man Fever is coming back. The two have teamed up with Mike Stewart, a musician who played the Moog on the original album, and they are distributing the album via their web site. The price for the CD? US$15.99 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling.

When asked Buckner and Garcia what made them decide to reissue the album in CD format, Garcia credits the "overwhelming interest from fans through the web and media," stating that they saw the interest in the product after all these years and knew there were plenty of people who'd love to see another issue of the album, especially in CD format. Buckner added, "A renewed interest in our album has been building over the last two years. We have received several requests for interviews and personal appearances. But mostly, it's been the DJ's and the fans who wanted to hear the songs again that really got us going." And in relaunching Pac Man Fever, Garcia and Buckner both appreciated the opportunity to relive the old studio days. "It really felt good to get back in the studio together again. Gary and I have known each other since we were kids. There is a certain chemistry that happens when we work together. I love that feeling," said Buckner. Garcia said the best part of the project was "All the old memories of producing the album and the memory of our drummer, Ginny Whitaker who has since passed away."

The CD won't be available for shipping until May 15, 1999. However, Buckner and Garcia are encouraging preorders with an added incentive: the first 300 orders get autographed copies of the CD and photo. With the original album moving as it is on E-bay, you might just want to check this opportunity out before these CDs are all gone, too.

Are Buckner and Garcia planning a sequel? Perhaps an updated version of the album to include the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Syphon Filter and Time Crisis tunes? "Yes, we are definitely planning a volume 2," said Gary Garcia. Buckner added, "Yes definitely. We have a lot of ideas for a new album project that we are already working on. We're gonna keep the games we're writing songs about secret for now, though." Stay tuned to, as this is not the last you'll hear of Buckner and Garcia.

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