Force Unleashed sells 7 million, Hoth DLC arrives

LucasArts' Secret Apprentice-led Star Wars action adventure hits new sales milestone; Infinities storyline concludes on PSN now, Xbox Live February 23 for $10.


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LucasArts kicked off the Infinities storyline for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in August 2009 with the release of Tatooine Mission Pack, a downloadable add-on that continued the storyline of Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice. However, to conclude that storyline, players had to purchase Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition, which included the accompanying Hoth Mission Pack, along with the original game and other DLC.

The Apprentice certainly wins the costume portion of this competition.
The Apprentice certainly wins the costume portion of this competition.

For those gamers who didn't take the plunge to pick up the Ultimate Sith Edition, LucasArts is now offering the Hoth Mission Pack as a separate download through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The PS3 edition of the add-on is now available for $9.99, and the XBL version will follow on February 23 for MSP800.


The Infinities storyline begins after one of the numerous endings to the original, when the player kills Vader and becomes Emperor Palpatine's assistant and a Sith Lord. The galactic dictator then dispatches players to Tatooine, where they try to track down and kill the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Hoth Mission pack continues this journey and sees the Secret Apprentice traveling to the titualar icy planet to do battle with Luke Skywalker and wipe the last traces of the Rebellion from the galaxy. Players will also find themselves visiting locations made famous in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.

The original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed launched in September 2008 to lukewarm reviews. However, the game's critical reception did not impact its commercial success, and LucasArts said today that the game has now sold more than 7 million units worldwide. In December, the publisher announced The Force Unleashed II for release on unspecified platforms in 2010.

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*Tattooine *long

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So let's recap......If you showed your affinity/loyalty to LucasArts and the SW brand, you paid out $59.99, than $10 for Temple, $10 more for Tatooine, and AFTER an extremely lond and unnecessary wait, ANOTHER $10 for yet more mediocre at best DLC. If you waited until the Sith Edition came out, you are a helluva lot smarter than me........LucasArts is notorious for being all about the Benjamins first and foremost, but this is a new low even for them................thx for letting me vent.

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Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (1997) + Mysteries of the Sith (1998) will forever Reign Supreme!

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The Hoth level is awful. I don't know how they think 800 MSP for the DLC packs is reasonable. I enjoyed TFU despite it's flaws (I was sucker enough to even buy the Sith Edition) but it's a lot less fun to revisit. If you don't have the game the Sith Edition isn't a bad package otherwise you aren't missing much.

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This is one of my favorite games ever. I loved it and everyone who I've gotten to play this game has loved it as well.

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how the hell did this game sold 7mil that's almost as much as mw2

Avatar image for Omaciel

i want a lightsaber

Avatar image for Elgranpimp

I thought that SWFU was an ok game and thats all. Instead of making a sequel, why not bring back some X-wing or Tie Fighter action? Anyone with me on this?

Avatar image for georgeorjose

lol i always wondered that

Avatar image for qpitty

Cool. I didn't download the jedi temple stuff but i might consider getting this one. I really like the force unleashed so will probably get it so I can get the platinum.

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Last part is key: "The original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed launched in September 2008 to lackluster reviews. However, the game's critical reception did not impact its commercial success, and LucasArts said today that the game has now sold more than 7 million units worldwide. In December, the publisher announced The Force Unleashed II for release on unspecified platforms in 2010. " Its been pointed out several times - that its Total sales on _all_ platforms. Considering its supposed to be a AAA title that is not very good sales. Expectations were high, it was buggy and so it received a lot of mixed reviews. I like the whole Star Wars franchise but this title in particular was just not interesting enough for my purchase and keep list.

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This game has been on my to-do list for a while. This might be the push I need to take the plunge.

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This was a good game. I think that player anticipation was actually higher then what the game delivered and thats why it got such mixed reviews. However I loved the game and the DLC was awesome as well. Can't wait for force unleashed II.

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Not interested. Played the orginal force unleashed. Loved it sold it to gamestop and won't spend anymore money on it. Star Killer is the tish.

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Loved the Wii version (few things in the world top pulling off a nunchuk-activated force choke). Unfortunately, I'm screwed as far as the DLC. I hate my Wii!!!!

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We want dismemberment!

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Really think Lucas Arts needs to get on the ball and make a third person space combat sim in the star wars universe. Multiplayer combat with X-wings vs Tie fighters would be super hot, in locations like the Death Star, hoth, etc. etc.

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Too generic. I would rather they bring us more games like Knights of the Old Republic, not the MMO version btw.

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Too many holes in this game for me to buy it....

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i really enjoyed the game, PC version, and i didn't see to many bugs but many times i thought that FU didnt do that what it was best at and thats throwing stormtroopers around

Avatar image for -HCMF-

i enjoyed the game, but I think I would have like a few more levels of just kicking storm trooper butt.

Avatar image for Egotte

For a game with WAY too much pre-sales hype, poor gameplay, and tons of bugs, it's done well.

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I liked the game, but i've bought the original twice and both preowned and on the cheap at like £10 or so. I don't wanna fork out £40 to get the DLC. Anyone agree.

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i actually really liked this game.. im not suprised

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@ morgonstjarnan - outselling mass effect 2 is not hard considering mass effect has been out for little more then a month while the force unleashed has had two years to get to 7 million (released Sept 2008 ), not really a fair comparrison if you ask me. anyway nice to see it has done well.

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I really liked this game - may just pick up the Sith Edition now and get this DLC, as I've only beaten the original release.

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love star wars bought this game day 1 and thought it was a good as a mynock on my power couplings. now they want 10$ for some dlc, id rather kiss a wokkie

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@Stabby Unfortunatly there has to be a max to a scale, but I suppose its a matter of opinion, a 0 - 5 scale I find imo isn't a good way of rating a game or anything for that matter. If gamespot knew Gta IV wasn't a perfect game then they should have gave it 9.5 or change their 10 score to not say perfect, I only know one person that loves it and hes a very casual gamer. Even my favourite game wouldn't get a 10 by me. I played the demo for TFU before it came out, I loved it, gs gave it the 7.5/10 I bought it and i really liked it and negative things they mentioned in the review I didn't really agree with, but thats the reviewer's opinion which is fine. Anyway i'm just voicing what i thought of it, alot of people here obviously didn't seem to like TFU, but like games I don't like and others that do im jealous as they have more to play.

Avatar image for ThePowerOfHAT

I find it funny that they mention the game's "lackluster reviews" when Gamespot gave it a 7.5 and the Metacritic score shows an average of about 7.4. I would call that "good" or "decent". I wouldn't start calling something lackluster until about the 6.5 mark, and below that things tend to start getting just plain bad.

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The Star Wars license will always sell :D

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Haha @poststillmatic the controls in Jedi academy were pretty bad but it was a great game, it would be awesome if they made another game like that but obviously with incredible graphics and a lot more customization! Oh and they should make another Knights of the old republic!! This game was awesome too!

Avatar image for poststillmatic

Jedi Academy Still Rules!!! Much better controls, gave you the feeling of being a Jedi. Even though TFU had better graphics, it can't touch Jedi Academy. For those who have played you know this is true.

Avatar image for Jaxn

i played the game for about two hours and then watched all the videos on youtube that was i needed for my fix

Avatar image for KaizerJinn

friggin AWESOME! the deserve it. =D

Avatar image for PhonziWun

Force Unleased churned hard. Wasn't fun to play, one of those games that feels like a chore. Starting to finally go off Star Wars I think... Battlefront III may be the only saviour

Avatar image for Stabby

@lister82 Why even have a 0.0/5 scale with a 10 if its not going to be used? Of course GS know it wasn't a perfect game but good enough IN THEIR OPINION. No different from a simple 5/5 scale.

Avatar image for genbeef

the hoth dlc is really awful, on top of the awful that is this game

Avatar image for VolcanoMan001

How about a new Battlefront game already?!

Avatar image for DELTSTEEZE

@morgonstjarnan SWFU is outselling ME2 3 to 1??? Im not really sure where you got that statistic. And Im also not really sure why you find it so unbelievable that a Star Wars game is found interesting by so many people. Its based off one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. Anything related to Star Wars is going to generate some interest.

Avatar image for lister82

Was wondering if they where going to make a sequel back when I played it, very glad they are. Force Unleashed was very enjoyable I thought and worth more than gamespots 7.5/10 review. Then again I don't really trust gs reviews ever since Gta IV got a 10/10, no games a perfect 10, and Gta IV was far from it, if anyone disagrees realistically your lying to yourself. Why I would want to buy a stripped down gta just to have to pay to get the features that should have been in it at release via dlc (Parachutes for one) wouldn't surprise me if next dlc added working forklifts and tow trucks. Anyway ill look forward to the 2nd Force Unleashed, pretty please keep the costumes and different lightsaber colours and styles you could unlock, big part of the game, for me anyway.

Avatar image for SWGruler

Mass Effect 2 has sold over 5 million and it came out just a month ago. SWFU just sold 7 million and it came out almost 2 YEARS ago. I thought it was a okay game but really? i dont understand why LucasArts loves it so much. bring back Rogue Squadron, people will eat that up like crazy.

Avatar image for denicola_a_god

sickk gamee cant wait for the sequel

Avatar image for Spartan-1657

Looking forward to Force Unleashed 2. I enjoy the first one enough.

Avatar image for morgonstjarnan

Wow, this game is outselling Mass Effect 2 by like 3 to 1. Though how Starkiller's Star Wars stardom is found so incredibly interesting is beyond me. Maybe it's the big glowy sticks?

Avatar image for FidelSarcastro

Though I have to congratulate them for the good sales numbers though they could have had even better sales if they would have just listened to what fans have been saying for years... "Give us a new X-Wing and Tie-Fighter Game". I have a feeling with how popular the original games were that a new game from either would sell just as well or even better.

Avatar image for Amir29

SWFU had it's frustrating moments, but it's definitely an experience I'm happy I didn't miss. Though, nmow that the sequel is coming out, I'm curious to know, will it follow the "good ending" or the "bad ending"?

Avatar image for JunglemanchiId

It has to be a pretty massive level to warrant 800 points...

Avatar image for OJ_the_LION

Man star wars fans seem to love whining don't they? Well, that seems to happen to George Lucas in general, his films tend to create a lot of nostalgia so that anything new always gets spit upon. Force Unleashed wasn't the best game of its "Havok psychic crazy action genre" released (I believe that would go to InFAMOUS) but it was still a damned fun game that gave you a satisfying amount of power. If they fix the controls in the sequel to be a bit more precise, it has a lot of potential.