Force Unleashed creators form Fearless Studios

Haden Blackman joins fellow LucasArts vet Cedrick Collomb to form new game development house; projects TBA.


Haden Blackman recently wrapped his 12-year career at LucasArts, having led development on a range of titles at the Star Wars house, including creating and serving as senior executive producer on The Force Unleashed and its impending sequel. Today, Blackman's next venture came into focus, as he and fellow LucasArts veteran Cedrick Collomb announced the formation of a new development house, Marin, California-based Fearless Games.

Haden Blackman and Cedrick Collomb
Haden Blackman and Cedrick Collomb

Today's announcement offered little indication on the direction of Fearless Games. In a statement, Blackman said, "By taking bold creative risks and tackling new challenges, Fearless Studios will fuse the best of story and gameplay to immerse, engage, and affect players just as deeply as our favorite films and novels." Platforms or future development projects were not revealed.

As for its management structure, Blackman will serve as co-president and chief creative officer. Collomb will share Blackman's president title, as well as pick up the title of chief technical officer. In addition to serving as director of technology at LucasArts and LucasFilms, Collomb has been credited on such titles as EA's Black. Seahorn Capital Group founder Marc Jackson will serve as Fearless Games' acting CFO.

Fearless Studios is currently accepting resumes through its Web site.

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this game better have an awesome story. plots have been woefully disappointing for each hyped game i've bought in the past few months thus far.

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We need a star wars republic commando 2

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I don't care what happens at lucas arts or at this new fearless studio I just want them to get on with it and make battlefront 3!

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i just played the demo and i love everything in it except its toooooo easy the fighting kinda boring well i hope its get better cutscenes looks awesome

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LOL Fearless Studios.... Great name. I guess it applies after pulling this stunt: << LINK REMOVED >> Sorry, Haden Blackman was the imagination of a 1 year old. Sure TFU was a great game, and it brought new stuff to the SW genre. But seriously, how can anyone forget when he spearheaded the NGE for SWG? It was because of this simplistic idea that SWG went to complete garbage. Maybe they may do good, who knows. But sure as hell not expecting it.

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if these guys are responsible for the bad things in Force Unleashed 1 port to PC(not sure if they are, not sure if consoles were just as bad) then I'm definately going to be reading a full gameplay review/technical report etc. before I even waste my time with any more of their games. i'm sure i don't have to make a list of what went wrong with that because they were wide scale

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Lets hope for some good stuff to come from this

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This will be amazing.

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@Fandango_Letho I wish I could agree with you plainly. The fact is, that the game TFU was economically successful. That being said we can all remove our fan-dude hats and remember that Gears oW was delayed for $$$ reasons, Gran Turismo 5 was moved for monetary reasons (fear of loosing market to Black Ops), looking for the moment their games can make the most out there in the sea of money that is this industry. If these guys can bring their formula else where, they will make tons of cash. Finally and most definitively... the SW game TFU was successful because it brought something fresh to the table and because this is Star Wars we are talking about...

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Do you all remember when some of the Naughty Dog fellas separated to form the studio "Red Button" - something? These days, the gold mine that is the gaming industry provides for these sorts of moves in order for new IPs, remakes etc. Can not blame them for being capitalists right?

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It's Val Kilmer and Jeremy Piven!

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Good luck to them. They have the potential now to work on something original and wonderful. I wish them well.

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These guys shouldn't be at the head of projects. Force Unleashed showed us why, even if the game had such high points, it also had a laundry list of problems, and only half of these have been solved according to FU2's demo. Still, you don't put people who can't make a great game at the helm of projects.

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I don't understand the hate, i'm happy to see new game dev/company created. Future possibility of more story based games makes me happy.

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good for them but they can't do star wars stuff so I don't really care

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@ Gladestone1 lol serious 50hrs? Making it longer won't make it any better and 50hrs for a SW games like this would have a lot of filler in between missions, no way would they even attempt to make it that long. Besides KOTR no older SW games were ever that long. Not even the Jedi Knight series (which are some of the best SW games) on the PC were that long.

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@ chingchow48: Why would this mean no Force Unleashed III ? A couple of examples: The top two guys at Infinity Ward were dropped from that dev but I guarantee you there will still be CoD's made by IW, and Bioshock 2 without Ken Levine. The only way I do not see a Force Unleashed 3 is if it just sells abysmally

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Perhaps sales do not warrent a 3rd title..Star wars unleashed couldve been so much more than it was..Miss the old days where star wars games lasted hours an hours of game goodness..Now these 10 hour short games kill the genre..Dont give me 10 hours worth of work..Give me 50 hours at least..The first game couldve been epic nah it was buggy an short..

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So no Force Unleasehed 3 i guess Lucas Arts has a problem with 3rds Battlefront is still waiting for a 3rd and their are some other i just dont wanna do any research lol

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great move

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Hmmm... I would like to see there plans for the future. Immersive story and gameplay... well... good luck guys and bring us something good.