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For Silent Hills, Kojima and Del Toro Were Working With Noted Horror Manga Artist

The cancellation news gets even worse.


If you weren't already disappointed enough over the cancellation of Silent Hills, Guillermo del Toro made things a little worse this weekend, particularly if you're a fan of horror manga.

On Twitter, the director--who was working on the new Silent Hill along with Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima--revealed another noteworthy creative mind who was to contribute to the game. "Junji Ito, undisputed master of horror in Japan (along with Hino and Tsubaki) and our collaborator in Silent Hill (s)," he said in a message accompanied by the creepy image below.

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He followed this up with another picture of Ito's work along with the words, "Kojima and myself are fans."

Ito is a Japanese manga artist known for his work on Tomie, Uzumaki, Gyo, and a number of other projects, some of which have since been adapted to movies.

Following reports of strife between Kojima and Konami, the publisher confirmed in April that Silent Hills had been canceled. The project was first revealed last year with the release of PT--ostensibly a "playable teaser" for a new horror game which was then discovered to be a new Silent Hill. PT was removed from the PlayStation Store earlier this year, fueling speculation that Silent Hills was in trouble.

With Kojima reportedly on his way out of Konami, del Toro has said he doesn't plan on making another game (with a previous project, Insane, also ending up canceled). Despite this, this weekend he responded to a question on Twitter about whether he stays in touch with Kojima, saying, "Yes, I do!"

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