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For Honor's Newest Hero, Sakura, Behaves An Awful Lot Like A Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Boss

"Be not afraid...your soul is now mine."


Ubisoft has announced a new Samurai Hero for For Honor, Hitokiri, who is scheduled to release for the game's Year 3, Season 2--which begins May 2. Throughout Year 3, each new season is scheduled to introduce a new Warrior. So far we've seen the addition of a Knight hero, Vortiger, and the studio has already outlined the rest of the season's inclusions.

The female version of Hitokiri, named Sakura, has a new trailer, which can be watched below. She's very creepy and sounds like she'd fit a lot more as a boss in From Software's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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"The Hitokiri are ghostly warriors who have lost all faith in humanity," Ubisoft wrote in a press release. "They wander the land clutching their Masakari, the mighty axes they used to sentence criminals, their presence on the battlefield spreading a black cloud that can terrify all enemies." Both versions of Hitokiri will be automatically unlocked for Year 3 pass owners on May 2. On May 9, Hitokiri will become available for everyone else, but you'll need to purchase them for 15,000 Steel--For Honor's in-game currency.

Like Year 3's first season, Season 2 also adds a special limited-time event to For Honor. A first look at what that event might be, as well as a few more details for Year 3, Season 2, will be announced during a For Honor Twitch livestream on April 25. The new season also contains balancing changes for Lawbringer and Raider, and adds a new map, Canopy.

In our For Honor review, Matt Espineli wrote, "After slaying countless foes, it’s clear the impact For Honor's combat has had; its fundamental tenets of discipline and restraint are bestowed upon you permanently, forever changing the way you perceive a melee-combat encounter in a game. In its highest moments, For Honor is difficult to put down. Its slow combat pace and narrative shortcomings might turn off those unwilling to take the time to dive deep into what it has to offer. However, make no mistake--those who do will be rewarded with some of the most satisfying multiplayer melee fighting conceived in recent years."

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