For Honor Year 4 Changes: Here's What's To Come

A lot is changing when the Year of Reckoning hits For Honor next week.


Ubisoft has outlined the alterations coming to For Honor on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with Year 4: Year of the Reckoning, which kicks off on Thursday, February 6. The Year 4 plans include a bevy of changes, including a new Battle Pass system, increased customization options, additional heroes, and more.

Goodbye Year Pass, Hello Battle Pass

The biggest change headed to For Honor in the coming year is a brand-new Battle Pass, a replacement to the Year Pass. Similar to other games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, For Honor's Battle Pass will feature a Free and Premium track that resets after each season. The Battle Pass will be limited to customization items and consumables, and is not required to unlock the new heroes.

For Honor's new Battle Pass changes which customization items are unlocked. No longer will you randomly unlock items at the end of every match. Instead, the Free track gives you access to things such as new ornaments, steel, color swatches, embossings, and more. The Premium track lets you acquire new signatures, weapons, executions, and others. Ubisoft said this new reward system will give you "clear objectives throughout the 100 tiers" so you know exactly what you are unlocking and when.

New Year, New Heroes

Two new heroes will make an appearance during the Year of Reckoning, but Ubisoft hasn't specified who these characters are, which faction they will belong to, what roles they will fill, or any other details. Ubisoft did confirm when we can expect these new heroes: one during Year 4, Season 2; another during Year 4, Season 4. Like the previously released heroes, both can be unlocked through a purchase using real-world money or Steel, which is For Honor's in-game currency.

A Few Other Changes To Look Forward To

Ubisoft is also making a few adjustments to the core experience and the competitive scene. These include balancing heroes and game modes, making Dominion the main competitive game type, added events, and more.

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