Football Manager 2007 out two days early in UK

Sega releases Football Manager 2007 two days ahead of official release date, due to some retailers putting the game on sale today.


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Sega has taken the decision to release Football Manager 2007 for the PC and Macintosh two days early due to some retailers not honouring the embargoed date of release. According to their statement, some retailers had been selling the game in stores ahead of its official release date of this Friday, October 20. In a statement, Sega said, "This is a result of certain retail outlets ignoring the official release date... Sega and Sports Interactive have acted to ensure that Football Manager 2007 is available to all our loyal fans." It is not known which retailers broke the embargo or why the mistake was made.

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kudos to sega

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retailers do this all the time :roll:

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GOt it!! WooHOooo

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this is good

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Total chaos!