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Footage Of Halo Infinite's DMR-style M392 Bandit Rifle Has Been Leaked

A handful of videos have sprung up online showing the unreleased DMR-style Bandit after leakers unearthed it from the game files.


A leak unearthed earlier this year suggested the franchise fan-favorite DMR would be coming to Halo Infinite under a different name, and now videos have emerged showing the M392 Bandit rifle in action. The Bandit shown in newly leaked videos is a semi-automatic, mid-range rifle that's lacking a scope, as picked up by Windows Central.

The initial Bandit leak was posted by YouTuber Stanlyhalo, who managed to get their hands on the unreleased weapon by loading into a glitched Forge session. The user has since uploaded a couple of videos showing off the new weapon's capabilities.

Another video posted to Twitter by Delta Index tests the weapon's time to kill, showing it blast through an enemy's shield's with four shots, then requiring a single headshot or three body shots to make the kill.

Despite sharing part of the DMR's name, the Bandit has a few major differences from the beloved Halo: Reach weapon, but it'll be interesting to see how the scopeless, semi-automatic take on the DMR fits in with Halo Infinite's sandbox.

According to Halo Infinite's roadmap, new sandbox items aren't planned for release until Season 3, meaning players may have to wait until November or later to officially get their hands on the Bandit.

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