Following NES/SNES Classic, A Mini Commodore 64 Is Releasing Next Year

Another retro plug-and-play console is on the way.


Another retro console will soon be getting the plug-and-play treatment. Retro Games Limited has announced it is releasing a miniature version of the Commodore 64 next year.

Like other plug-and-play systems, the C64 Mini is a small replica of the 1982 console. It features HDMI output, two USB ports, supports save states, and comes pre-loaded with a selection of games, such as Impossible Mission, Armalyte, and California Games. You can find the full list of titles on the product's website.

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Retro Games Limited hasn't announced a release date for the C64 Mini, but the console is slated to arrive in early 2018 and will retail for $70/£70. Like the original Commodore 64, you can also plug a keyboard into the system and use it as a home computer. Retro Games also says that a "full sized, fully working" version of the classic system is also releasing in 2018.

The C64 Mini is the latest in a line of mini retro consoles to be announced in the wake of the NES Classic. Earlier this year, AtGames released miniature versions of the Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis; we called the latter a "misleading and faulty product" in our Sega Genesis Flashback review and warn readers not to buy one. Most recently, Nintendo released its second micro console, the SNES Classic Edition, last week. The company will extend that system's production run into 2018 and also revive the NES Classic next summer.

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