Follow someone on Twitter by shaking their hand using Razer's new Nabu wearable device

PC gaming company reveals Nabu wearable device, a hybrid fitness band and smartwatch.


PC gaming company Razer made a surprise announcement at 2014 CES this week, revealing its entrance into the growing wearable technology market with its new Nabu device.

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Described as a combination smartwatch and a fitness band, the Nabu--or "superband" as GameSpot sister site CNET labels it--not only tracks calories and steps taken, but also allows users to receive notifications from iOS and Android devices like text messages and phone calls.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tang told CNET that Razer wanted to get into the wearable tech space because current fitness bands like the Nike Fuelband were not doing enough.

Two of the Nabu's biggest innovations are its two screens and its social handshake system. A top-facing screen will display simple notifications, while a larger LED display will provide information about who is calling you or has just sent a text message.

The Nabu's built-in accelerometer allows for perhaps the more intriguing advancement. A handshake with someone else wearing a Nabu will allow you to perform social transactions like sending a friend request on Facebook or following that person on Twitter.

CNET also reports that the Nabu will support Razer's in-game communication software Razer Comms, but it's unclear how this will work. A developer-only first edition of the Nabu will launch this year for $50, while a consumer version will come shortly after for "a little more," a Razer representative said.

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